"The reversal was successful!" Life-saving APR hits home with PHN readers in 2021

\"The reversal was successful!\" Life-saving APR hits home with PHN readers in 2021 (kelvin octa/Pexels)

Hope and a second chance; that's what the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) protocol offers pregnant moms who have started a chemical abortion, experience regret, and wish to try and reverse that chemical abortion. Abortion apologists continually attempt to discredit APR, but the fact is that over 2,000 lives and counting have been saved by the protocol. Articles concerning APR were plentiful in Pregnancy Help News in 2021, with many among the most read of PHN stories. Below we invite you see a sampling of articles chronicling this life-saving treatment

May God bless us all; supporters of pregnancy help, women and families facing unexpected pregnancy, and promoters of abortion, with conversion to life for the latter.


Abortion Pill Rescue Network celebrating 2,000 lives saved … and counting


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From “cornered” to “blessed,” APR helps mom prevail


Can chemical abortion be ‘reversed’?


“When the baby's here, you're going to be so happy” – Don’t be rushed into abortion says Mom who saved son through APR


"A joyful reward": Wis. pregnancy help center celebrates first APR baby


“My little superhero was born happy and healthy; I thank God for the chance to be his momma” – APR mom


Tweet This: I found the APR hotline number; this morning I had an ultrasound, and my little peanut is alive and well with a strong heartbeat.


“By far one of the best deliveries I’ve ever done”: Pro-life OB-GYN rescues baby from chemical abortion


“Our team supplied evidence that we love and care for women” – Heartbeat, APR targeted by big abortion allies


Abortion pill reversal backed by science, offers women authentic choice; OB-GYN 


APR mom to others facing unplanned pregnancy: There’s hope for you, your baby matters, don’t give up on that


Fear replaced by joy with APR success 


Abortion apologists sue to quash APR informed consent, mom with healthy baby “so glad she could reverse the pills”


Grateful moms praise “amazing” Abortion Pill Rescue


Doctor banned from saving babies’ lives 


Tech giants bow to Big Abortion, quash life-saving abortion pill reversal 


If Abortion Pill Reversal were not available, Jade’s son “would not have been born” 


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