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Friday, 22 February 2019

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"All of us need encouragement, those times when a kind word builds us up, giving us the energy to press on." | Wise…
Feb 21
“It’s almost patient abandonment…now they’re pushing a chemical coat hanger on women.” - Dr. Donna Harrison | WATCH…
Feb 20
This #prolife clinic has seen an 87% jump in clients! 🙌🏽 | After Nashville Abortions Cease, Pro-life Pregnancy Cent…
Feb 18
"If there was only one word to describe the #prolife community, it would be this: love. Love of woman, love of chil…


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New York’s Abortion Law Empowers Abusers, Not Women

New York’s Abortion Law Empowers Abusers, Not Women

22 February 2019
Recent weeks have brought a great deal of conversation concerning new abortion laws being introduced and subsequently passed across the…