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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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Oct 15
“Who’s really deceiving women? Who’s really masquerading as a ‘clinic’ and harming patients in the process?” | Kerm…
Oct 13
"The truth is that God is worthy of our trust. He is the God of hope and the source of joy." | How Faith-Based Pro-…
Oct 11
"Today, let’s find someone to whom we can say, 'Thank you.' It might make all the difference in the world." | Two P…
Oct 09
🙌🏼 Great news! Keep going, Option Line! 50,000 Women Seek Pregnancy Support Online through Live Chats, Surpassing P…


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And Then We Win

And Then We Win

16 October 2018
It was Gandhi, well-acquainted with challenging cultural norms, whose philosophy is often summarized as the following: “First they ignore you,…