Media coverage of FDA abortion pill case promotes dangerous drugs over women’s health

Media coverage of FDA abortion pill case promotes dangerous drugs over women’s health (Annebell Dogger/Unsplash)

Anyone who has followed politics for any length of time is aware that less popular news items tend to get dropped just before the start of weekends and holidays so they can hopefully get lost in the shuffle. It is referred to as a “document dump” or “Friday night news dump.” This year’s Holy Week leading up to Easter was no different.

On Good Friday, two dueling court rulings came down within an hour of one another regarding the abortion drug mifepristone

A federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary ruling invalidating the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of mifepristone, highlighting evidence that the FDA ignored safety problems and failed to properly study the risks of mifepristone. 

Less than an hour later, a federal judge in Washington state issued a ruling in another case that ordered the FDA to preserve “the status quo” and retain access to the abortion medication in 17 states and the District of Columbia. 

The Biden Justice Department has already filed an appeal on the Texas ruling and has not yet said whether it will act in the Washington state case. 

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All the while, journalists have been reporting on the cases using suspiciously similar, and in some cases, dangerous narratives and talking points, playing fast and loose with the truth, and the health of women and girls.

Banning the sale of mifepristone calls into question the FDA’s power to regulate all drugs nationwide – (media experts)

This is a red herring. The Texas ruling is based on the fact that the FDA did not follow its own protocol, which it has in place to ensure the safety of drugs. Had the FDA followed its own guidelines and not fast-tracked the abortion pill - citing pregnancy as a “serious or life-threatening illness” - it would not be in this position today, putting its own credibility into question. 

The FDA placed women’s health at risk by not performing all the necessary studies on the safety of the drug. What is the purpose of the FDA in general if it doesn’t follow its own guidelines? 

And what does this disregard for safety standards do but erode FDA authority in the first place?

Judge’s reversal ruling flouts 23 years of FDA approval of the abortion drug (more experts)

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk addressed the span of time that mifepristone has been on the market – and the reason for it – in his ruling. 

“Simply put, FDA stonewalled judicial review — until now,” Kacsmaryk wrote in his decision. 

“Before Plaintiffs filed this case, FDA ignored their petitions for over sixteen years, even though the law requires an agency response within ‘180 days of receipt of the petition,’” he said. “Had FDA responded to Plaintiffs’ petitions within the 360 total days allotted, this case would have been in federal court decades earlier. Instead, FDA postponed and procrastinated for nearly 6,000 days.”

Keeping a dangerous drug on the market with the rationale that it has been around for more than 20 years is an at best warped approach to health care. 

Not surprisingly, this is a similar excuse to that of the pro-abortion lobby when the Dobbs case was decided – stating that since Roe had been around for 50 years, it should stand, regardless of its judicial overreach taking the abortion regulation decision away from the states. 

We have a duty to right the wrongs of flimsy political decisions that harm women.

Tweet This: “Simply put, FDA stonewalled judicial review — until now” - Judge in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tweet This: We have a duty to right the wrongs of flimsy political decisions that harm women - FDA abortion pill case

The FDA and President Biden should ignore Kacsmaryk’s order (pro-abortion elected officials)

In effect, these elected officials and other politicians empowered by them – who should know better – are advocating an Executive branch agency to blatantly ignore clearly established safety and quality standards designed to protect Americans, not to mention the rule of law. It is part of the rule of law to hold the government, especially unelected agency officials, accountable for following their own rules and regulations. But for these abortion apologists, this does not apply when it comes to the push for unfettered abortion access. 

These calls to ignore the Kacsmaryk ruling undermine the rule of law and our courts in the very fashion that abortion proponents claim the reversal of mifepristone’s approval undermines the FDA. 

Imagine if this were any other issue. These same actors would be bellowing “foul.”

What has the nation become when federal politicians openly discredit our courts? 

If we simply start ignoring laws that we don’t like, we break down as a nation. 

When one social issue takes priority over the health and safety of an entire demographic, in this case, fertile women, we open the door allowing a mob-ruled society and soon, there is no rule of law. All in the name of abortion.

Dangerous abortion pill alternatives are A-OK (news sites)

Disturbingly, those who talk so much about back-alley abortions, including the media, appear quite willing to give out tips on obtaining abortions through less safe means. 

From the Washington Post:

“It is also possible to terminate a pregnancy using just misoprostol, a procedure that requires three doses of four pills each. While misoprostol is widely used on its own to perform abortions around the world, studies show it is less effective than the two-step regimen, and usually causes more cramping and potential side effects, including diarrhea, fever and chills.” (Emphasis added)

And from NPR

“Research suggests the single-drug regimen is somewhat less effective and often causes additional side effects. But the World Health Organization says the method, which has been used internationally for decades, can be safe and effective at the appropriate dosage.” (Emphasis added)


“In the latest study of self-managed misoprostol-only medication abortions in the US, Johnson found misoprostol-only abortions to be a safe alternative, though less safe than using both pills.” (Emphasis added)

Misoprostol (the second drug in a chemical abortion) is not FDA-approved for use in abortion, but they don’t tell you that part. 

The same reporters who slam the use of progesterone to reverse a chemical abortion are the ones now publishing abortion drug recipes in their news articles. 

At best, they are oblivious to their own hypocrisy. At worst, they do not care if a woman ends up in the hospital – or worse – due to their lack of morals.

Tweet This: The same reporters who slam using progesterone to reverse a chemical abortion are the ones now publishing abortion drug recipes in the news

The news sites also point to overseas online companies that provide abortion pills through the mail, circumventing the FDA altogether. Who knows what drugs are being sent to women, and at what cost to their safety?

It would seem the FDA is the abortion lobby’s useful idiot for maintaining abortion dominance. 

Progesterone hasn’t been FDA-approved for chemical abortion reversal, therefore it must be discredited and banned, these abortion cheerleaders say. 

However, they further say, misoprostol hasn’t been approved by the FDA for abortion, but we are going to promote it anyway. In fact, if the FDA cannot guarantee us our mifepristone, we will just move on to (the even less safe) misoprostol-only abortion.

So much for women’s health.

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