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Significant flaws in Colorado’s law banning abortion pill reversal Rene Asmussen/Pexels

Significant flaws in Colorado’s law banning abortion pill reversal

Editor's note: Bella Health and Wellness and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty have filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado arguing that SB-190 violates the First Amendment in singling out healthcare organizations with a religious obligation to provide life-affirming care to pregnant women who seek out their help. Pregnancy Help News will provide continued coverage as the case develops.

Democrat Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed Senate Bill 23-190 into law after the bill was fast-tracked from introduction to passage.

On April 1 Democrat lawmakers in the state passed the legislation which bans abortion pill reversal (APR) and penalizes medical professionals who provide the life-saving protocol to women desperate to save their pregnancies. 

Senate Bill 23-190 was rushed from introduction to being passed by both the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado Senate in less than a month – having only been introduced Mar. 9 - a shockingly fast move for any piece of legislation, much less one of this magnitude.

This reckless, hurried push to ban APR has produced a poor piece of legislation that is now being thrust onto the people of Colorado. 

Despite pro-abortion lawmakers’ attempt to promote this bill as a safeguard for women, the bill’s language clearly exposes the actual reality of banning APR as a safeguard for Big Abortion and nothing else. 

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The bill’s language is cluttered with false claims, misrepresentation, and deceitful wording to obfuscate the true intentions of the ban. 

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One examples states, “Pregnant individuals need timely and accurate information from qualified medical professionals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.” 

In order to have “accurate” information, a woman must have all the information. 

By mandating the withholding of the option of abortion pill reversal via legislation pro-abortion lawmakers compel medical professionals to do a disservice to their patients, and they rob women of their agency to make “informed decisions about their health and well-being” and that of their unborn child. 

So, they pushed through a law with language that conflicts with what they purport to do with the law.

Another problematic statement in the law’s text is, “Anti-abortion centers are the ground-level presence of a well-coordinated anti-choice movement.”

The “anti-abortion center” misnomer and weak attempt to paint pregnancy help centers as disreputable aside, women have the right to seek assistance at these centers, including when they change their minds after starting the abortion process. Abortion pill reversal gives women that choice. 

So, women have the right to choose to keep their pregnancy - except in Colorado.

Additionally, the Democrat lawmakers define emergency contraceptives in their bill as “a drug or device approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Presumably to display concern for medical safety they clarify the FDA’s standing as a federal entity in the following line. 

However, when defining “medication abortion” in the law as “an abortion conducted solely through the use of one or more prescription drugs,” there is no mention of FDA approval. 

Does this mean any drugs? So long as they terminate a pregnancy? Is it not important for these drugs to be regulated by the FDA? Or is FDA approval a matter of convenience for the abortion lobby?

This language in the law related to chemical abortion and abortion pill reversal makes for faulty, egregious policy, and it puts the women and girls of Colorado in harm’s way by exposing them to harmful abortion drugs without ensuring the drugs have met safety standards and depriving women of full and accurate information about all their options. 

The reality, which was purposefully omitted in the bill, is that statistics show that more than 4,000 lives have been saved through APR, and that number is climbing. 

Abortion pill reversal is simply the administering of the safe and effective hormone progesterone, which is naturally produced in the female body during pregnancy. 

Progesterone has been used to co combat miscarriage since the 1950s, and APR is simply an updated application of this treatment.

One wonders whether Colorado Democrats intended to target and intimidate pregnancy help organizations with this law because these organizations do not provide nor refer for abortion.

Colorado’s new anti-APR law is a mockery of medical safety, informed decisions, and the fundamental rights of women to choose motherhood. 

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