Friday, 09 June 2023

Hobbs at The Washington Examiner: NARAL’s Got Nothing

In a piece published Monday morning at The Washington Examiner, Pregnancy Help News editor Jay Hobbs called attention to the abortion lobby’s complete inability to back up over a decade of slander against pro-life pregnancy centers.

Launched by abortion advocacy group NARAL last week, the latest attempt to smear the life-saving work of pregnancy centers, including ultrasound-equipped medical clinics, plus maternity homes and more, is in the form of a website,

Ironically named—to say the least— is just the latest in a long string of failures from the multi-million abortion industry bent on recovering its bottom line.

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At The Washington Examiner, Hobbs—who serves as director of communications for Heartbeat International—writes:

"Quite tellingly, one thing you won’t find at NARAL’s new home for pixelated libel is any real-life woman claiming she’s been mistreated, tricked, or misled in any way by a pregnancy help center.

NARAL’s inability to produce even one witness or shred of evidence against pregnancy centers is painfully obvious from its new Real Women’s Stories page, which, through its first week, still includes only the three entries it had when it first launched. Two are from abortionists. The third is rather puzzling: It is a short testimonial from someone named "Lauren" who complains, and I quote, “I literally just Googled ‘pregnancy help’ and a pregnancy help center was the first result.” It's telling that the woman giving this testimony is actually a communications professional for a progressive activist group in Connecticut.

So weak is their story about pregnancy help centers that they couldn't even drag up a real person outside their own activist community to tell it.”

As of Tuesday morning—a full week after NARAL’s site went live—the “Real Women’s Stories” still included just the three wholly unfounded accusations it had when NARAL launched it.

That’s predictable, Hobbs writes, since 99 percent of former pregnancy center clients report a positive experience, and after a decade of failing—and losing court cases as a result—NARAL is still looking for its first witness against pro-life centers that are saving lives from abortion every day. 

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