Pro-Life Centers are "Beyond the Pale"? This Nevada Gov. Hopeful Thinks So.

Pro-Life Centers are \"Beyond the Pale\"? This Nevada Gov. Hopeful Thinks So.Nevada gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak's idea of "beyond the pale" isn't quite what you'd expect. (Photo from campaign website.)

If there’s any place where the phrase “beyond the pale” should carry some weight, it’d be Las Vegas—a city built on the very idea that there really is no such thing as “beyond the pale.”

But, to one self-styled “moderate” Democrat candidate for the governor’s race in Nevada, it’s life-saving groups like First Choice Pregnancy Services that should be the one thing causing Las Vegas to blush.

As reported recently by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Democratic candidate Steve Sisolak took to Twitter to express his shock and outrage after Republican candidate Adam Laxalt visited First Choice, which is located just up the street from one of several abortion businesses that abort babies well beyond 24 weeks.

To Sisolak, who’s also battling head-to-head with an EMILY’s List-endorsed woman for the Democratic ticket, Laxalt’s visit to the center—which has saved over 27,000 lives from abortion—was nothing short of anathema.

Tweet This: @SteveSisolak, you keep using that phrase, "beyond the pale"... I do not think you know what it means. #prolife @AdamLaxalt @VictorJoecks

@AdamLaxalt’s anti-choice views are beyond the pale,” Sisolak, a professing  Catholic, said. “If his outspoken opposition to @PPFA isn’t enough, his embrace of this shameful group is enough to demonstrate where he stands. As governor, I would protect access to women's healthcare and a woman’s right to choose.”

In his attempt to court the favor of the far-Left, Sisolak has made overtures to Planned Parenthood by hiring on a former Hilary Clinton campaign staffer with ties to the abortion giant, as well as EMILY’s List and others.

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Sisolak’s campaign website also includes a page dedicated to currying favor with Planned Parenthood and promising to defend its taxpayer funding throughought the state.

Writing at the Review-Journal, Victor Joecks says the blind opposition to pregnancy help centers from Sisolak and the rest of the Democratic Party is a clear signal they care far more about the intersests of abortion businesses than “choice” or the dignity of women. 

Is it shameful to give pregnant women free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds? Is it shameful to give a pregnant mom emotional support and information on how abortion isn’t her only option? Is it shameful for a pregnant woman to choose life for her unborn child? Is it shameful for a mom such as Katrina, who chose to keep her child after visiting a different Las Vegas crisis pregnancy center, to call her baby “the best thing that has ever happened to me”?

Neither Sisolak nor his campaign responded to calls for comments.

It wasn’t just Sisolak attacking Laxalt for visiting a group dedicated to helping pregnant women. Laxalt “threatens to roll back decades of progress on women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions,” said Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla.

Silly me. I thought “women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions” included the freedom to choose what clinic to go to. Instead, you have Democrats acting as if women aren’t capable of processing information and making up their own minds and must be protected from the horrors of free ultrasounds.

Remember this the next time Democrats claim the abortion debate is about a women’s right to choose.

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