Wednesday, 02 December 2020
Barbra Mwansa and a fellow leader look through the wreckage left from a recent robbery Barbra Mwansa and a fellow leader look through the wreckage left from a recent robbery Photo Courtesy: Association for Life of Africa

“This is a hopeless situation for us”: Pro-Life HQ Robbed

Leaders of a life-saving network that serves in 20 nations throughout Africa suffered a setback this month when thieves broke into their offices in Kitwe, Zambia, stealing several thousands of dollars worth of equipment and baby supplies.

Barbra Mwansa, the founding director of Association for Life of Africa (AFLA) and Silent Voices Zambia—which has rescued over 8,000 children and mothers from abortion over the past 20 years—arrived to work May 4 to find her offices ransacked.

“It’s a sad day for us,” Mwansa wrote in an email May 4. “We found the following items stolen: desk computers, ink jet printer, all curtains, all floor caplets, all baby clothing’s, suitcases, an internet modem, phone chargers and all the cables, brochures and brochures stand, power adapters, and television.

“We have reported the theft to the police and no arrest has been made so far. Pray with us, this is a hopeless situation for us.”

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As of May 17, Mwansa and her fellow leaders had not heard an update from police, but were continuing to ask for prayer from partners all over the world.

Mwansa started Silent Voices Zambia in 1998 and began working outside of her home country in 2001. She has since built a network that serves women in 135 locations throughout 20 African nations.

Click here to help AFLA and Silent Voices Zambia rebuild in the wake of the robbery.

Jay Hobbs

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