Texas Rep. Calls for Planned Parenthood Defunding on Pregnancy Center Steps

Texas Rep. Calls for Planned Parenthood Defunding on Pregnancy Center StepsAustin PRC staff with Rep. Williams (Photo Courtesy: Austin PRC)

Calling on his colleagues in Congress to end all funding for Planned Parenthood at the federal level, U.S. Rep. Roger Williams of Texas pointed out a better alternative to abortion in a public appearance late last week.

Standing on the front steps of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), Williams denounced the current status of federal funding for the abortion giant Thursday afternoon, saying that, “[t]here is no justification for allowing federal dollars to keep pouring into an organization that has such disregard for human life.”

But Williams, the former Texas Secretary of State, was also quick to highlight Austin PRC as an example of the kind of organization that “every member of Congress ought to be rooting for and fighting for every single day.”

“The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center respects and protects the sanctity of life, plain and simple,” Williams said. “They give unconditional love, no matter what your circumstances are. Their services are free of charge, and they are not given any federal dollars… Everybody who is in Congress should see an organization like this and continue to fight for them.”

“The Austin PRC is a model center that should be used around the country,” Williams said.

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Headed by executive director Lori DeVillez, Austin PRC is one of more than 1,000 pregnancy help centers offering free pregnancy testing and ultrasound services in the U.S., and is one of 15 pregnancy help organizations in the Austin area. Austin PRC is also one of a growing number of centers offering free STI testing to clients.

Located within five minutes of the main campus of University of Texas at Austin, the organization began offering free ultrasounds in 2005, and sees over 1,500 clients each year.

With well over 3,500 abortions in Travis County—home of Austin—every year, and a background of opposition from the local government and city organizers, the endorsement from Rep. Williams was a welcome change for DeVillez, as well as her fellow life-affirming centers who make up the Austin Area Life Affirming Coalition.

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"These are the days to stand and be counted,” DeVillez said. “As we take a stand and speak out on the truth about life, more and more of the darkness comes to light.” 

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