Friday, 22 September 2023

Children First Foundation: "Take a Stand" to Fund Life

(PRESS RELEASE) As millions of Americans are utterly disgusted and reeling from the appalling videos that have shocked our entire nation, thousands and thousands of concerned Americans have discovered a simple and effective way to assist women and save the lives of unborn children from the tragedy of abortion: they have purchased a "Choose Life" License Plate for all their vehicles.

Now is the time to "Take a Stand for Life" and immediately purchase a "Choose Life" License Plate for all our cars to help pregnant women and defend unborn children.

Since August 11, 2000, "Choose Life" License Plates have been purchased and renewed nearly one million times by American motorists in 29 states and even in Washington, DC. With an average annual renewal fee of $20, "Choose Life" License Plates that usually sport a cute drawing of two smiling children and the positive message to "Choose Life" have raised nearly $22 million dollars to support Pregnancy Care Centers and Adoption Agencies where desperate women facing unplanned pregnancies can receive free services, moral support, and financial assistance to help them consider all of their many pro-life alternatives, including Adoption and Safe Havens.

August 4, 2015, also marks the 11th anniversary of a federal lawsuit filed against the New York DMV for issuing a Moratorium created specifically to block the New York "Choose Life" License Plate. Governor Pataki's DMV Commissioner, Raymond Martinez, issued the moratorium on August 2, 2004, claiming the cute, pro-adoption "Choose Life" plate was "patently offensive." Eleven years later, hundreds of specialty plates are still blocked, including the "9/11 Remembrance Plate" which Governor Pataki personally vetoed on July 27, 2006, citing "legal concerns."

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Therefore, to honor the 15th Anniversary of the "Choose Life" License Plate, Dr. Elizabeth Rex, President of The Children First Foundation, is asking every concerned American to purchase a "Choose Life" License Plate or Frame during "National Choose Life Week," August 4 - 11th. 

Please visit for more information about purchasing a "Choose Life" License Plate in your state. For states with no "Choose Life" License Plates, please purchase a "Choose Life Frame" at to turn your license plate into a "mobile billboard."

"It's time to put Children First," says Rex. "It's time to take our positive message to every street in every state and literally 'mobilize' a Culture of Life in America! This is something simple and effective we can do."

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