Thursday, 30 November 2023
Pro-life demonstrators at "el Día de la Vida 2017" in Madrid, March 26. Pro-life demonstrators at "el Día de la Vida 2017" in Madrid, March 26. Photo Courtesy: Spanish Pro-Life Federation

ProVida Continues Fighting for Life in Wake of Barcelona Attack

Last week, both natives and foreigners witnessed horrific events unfold as 14 lives were lost and roughly 100 others were left wounded after violent attacks in Spain. Yet, what was meant for evil prompted just the opposite, as the free world joined together in unity and strength. 

Heartbeat International staff checked in with our partners, the Spanish Pro-Life Federation, “ProVida,” to ensure that all associations and volunteers were unharmed. Thankfully, ProVida president Alicia Latorre confirmed that all members of their life-affirming team were safe following the attacks. 

“We are well, thank God, but very sad about this terrible event," Latorre told us. "You can pray for our government to take into account the importance of every human being. We are in a difficult stage in our associations, but we don’t lose faith in God and continue working.” 

While lives are now being mourned in the streets of Barcelona, it is helpful to remember that just a few months ago, a few cities over, the streets of Madrid were filled with life – literally and figuratively. 

We are reminded that during “el Día de la Vida 2017” (the 2017 Day of Life) this past March, ProVida joined fellow pro-lifers as they met to celebrate and rally with one another in the name of life. In a press release, Latorre had this to say:

“Next March 26 we will renew our strength to continue fighting for life from its beginning to its natural end. We are in a time of change, so this will be a journey to continue advancing the culture of life that values every human being, defends it, gives hope, heals wounds and seeks good.

"…defending life in every circumstance is a priority motive to take to the streets, to demonstrate our commitment to continue building, to face the challenges old and new in the defense of life and to show the irresistible force of truth."

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Protecting life, for Heartbeat International and our affiliates, is about safeguarding all stages of humanity – from mothers and their babies in the womb to those deeply loved souls victimized on the streets of Barcelona. We care for life because our God is love and cares deeply for each individual He has crafted by hand. 

Our hearts break and our prayers go out for the families of those that were lost, and we detest the culture of death that violent groups attempt to promote. But, we in the pregnancy help world must respond to the recent attack with love, because love always covers hate. 

Alicia Latorre reminds us just how our love can overpower hate. We love by continuing our work to promote a culture of life. Heartbeat International joins with our friends, ProVida, in declaring that the truth about the value of every human is a force to be reckoned with. And truth ultimately prevails because we have the God of truth on our side. 

We refuse to lose hope, even in the midst of suffering, for our fight is not in vain. 

Hannah Ellis

Hannah serves as the International Program Specialist at Heartbeat International. Prior to her role at Heartbeat, she served as the National Field Director at Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. Hannah has appeared on television, radio, and podcasts, and her writing has appeared in American Thinker, Breitbart,, The Christian Post, and other pro-life sites. Her favorite titles, though, are Christ-follower and wife to her best friend.  

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