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Need persists for support and pregnancy help in Ukraine Ukrainian National Crisis Pregnancy Aid Hotline

Need persists for support and pregnancy help in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine has continued, many pregnant women and their children have been displaced by the violence in their country, forcing them to flee for their lives. When they leave their homes and come under the care of pregnancy help centers, they need mental health treatment for PTSD, food, clothing, medicine, along with shelter and heat. 

One of the most pressing current needs is raising funds for heat, to keep mothers and children from freezing to death, said to Heartbeat International Specialist Ellen Foell.

Heartbeat is the largest global network of pregnancy help.

“Almost every pregnancy in Ukraine is now a crisis because of a multitude of challenges,” said Vasyl Zinyak, executive director of the Ukrainian National Crisis Pregnancy Aid Hotline

“Genocide of the Ukrainian people is taking place before our eyes,” he said. “It is not easy to go through all that’s happening for an ordinary person, but doubly difficult for a pregnant woman. As a result, abortions increased rapidly.”

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The Ukrainian pregnancy help organization is in dire need of funds to keep power and heat on for refugees. These can be contributed via Heartbeat International’s HALO fund

The HALO (Helping Affiliated Life-affirming Organizations) fund is a way for Heartbeat affiliates to assist one another in the wake of disasters.

All seemed hopeless as the war in Ukraine began, women being forced to flee their homes with their children in merely hours’ notice, with nothing but important papers and a handful of clothing items. 

These displaced women didn’t know where they could go, but they knew they couldn’t stay in their own homes.  

Ukrainian National Crisis Pregnancy Aid Hotline

As Russia cut off the oil supply to Ukraine, it became even more difficult to keep places heated in the midst of plunging winter temperatures. 

Zinyak expressed the horrific reality for these mothers and children. 

“Unfortunately, there is no safe place in Ukraine right now,” he said. “All of Ukraine is affected by missile attacks, blackouts, and power outages.”

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Power outages coupled with loss of heat is life-threatening to the Ukrainians, according to Save a Life International's Heating with Hope Campaign.

“This winter will be extremely difficult for Ukrainians,” the group said in a statement. “Russian rockets and bombs are destroying power stations and heating in homes. 50% of the power grid is inoperable nationwide. Millions of families with children are living without electricity, heating, and running water. Average winter temperatures (Dec-Mar) in Ukraine are 23°F.” 

Ukrainian National Crisis Pregnancy Aid Hotline

Foell described the situation in the Ukraine as a physical representation of what’s happening in the world spiritually. 

She further explained that in the midst of war, there are embers, soldiers for life who are still finding ways to stand up for life amidst the death and chaos. 

The number of new pregnancy help affiliates are still growing in Ukraine, Foell said. 

“In so many ways, there's nothing like war to heighten people’s desire for life,” she said. “Churches are packed in Ukraine and pregnancy centers are still holding up the Word of Life.” 

She referenced examples of pregnancy help enters such as Save A Life International with centers in Poland and Ukraine, Christian Movement for Life, and Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center

Foell entreated those around the world to open their hearts and generosity for the people of Ukraine so that they will have the chance at life. Prayers and financial contributions are welcomed. Donations can be made via the Heating With Hope Campaign or the HALO fund

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