Tuesday, 28 September 2021

National Campaign Highlights Role of Families

Being pro-life means more than working to preserve the lives of the unborn — it’s about the whole family. 

Care Net, a network of over 1,000 U.S. pregnancy help centers, is showcasing the importance of family though an online photo and video tribute page called, “Tapestry for Life”. The awareness campaign, launched on Mother’s Day, runs through Father’s Day, with a goal of highlighting personal family stories from all over the world.

TapestryForLife.org was started as a way to weave together memories and celebrations, tributes and shout-outs, for those exceptional loved-ones who show how precious and abundant life can be. The tapestry “squares” honor mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, colleagues and others through words of thanks.

“Tapestry For Life allows people to really reflect on what family means to them,” said Vincent DiCaro, chief outreach officer of Care Net. “[It allows them to] reflect on where their pro-life position came from and how it’s been sustained through the choices their family has made.”

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The squares, featuring pictures of smiling children, weddings and families tell stories of love, such as, “Life gifts grow with each generation,” which shows six smiling kids on the beach. “Each of these children have been affected by the choice a young woman made. Their mother is my adopted daughter and I shudder to think about life without her and without them,” the submission reads.

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Care Net is not just about being pro-life, it’s about being “pro-abundant life,” DiCaro said. “Should we stop at saving babies or is there a larger victory than just saving a baby and moving on from there?”

DiCaro said the Tapestry for Life project resulted from Care Net’s strategic planning last year, where the organization aimed to put together a new perspective on what their work should look like in the future. Care Net was started in 1975 and it also runs a real-time call center, Pregnancy Decision Line, providing pregnancy decision coaching.

“These aspects of abundant life should be parts of the pro-life organization,” DiCaro said. “So with strong family being a part of that, we’ve been looking for ways to celebrate families. And this is a tangible way.”

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DiCaro said he this campaign is a great way to get everyone involved in pro-life work by giving visitors something meaningful to participate in that communicates the importance of families.  It also is a good way, he pointed out, to advance awareness of the life-saving work Care Net does with women facing crisis pregnancies through its call center and pregnancy help network.

So far, 78 people have shared photos and their stories to the page, and DiCaro said they’d like to see as many as possible. TapestryForLife.org also provides visitors the opportunity to support strengthening families by donating to Care Net, although DiCaro said engagement and awareness are the objectives.

While the campaign is set to end on Father’s Day, June 21, DiCaro said Care Net plans on keeping the website live and use it to celebrate families throughout the year via blog and social media posts. 

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“As Father’s Day approaches, we want to make a big push on dads and their often-forgotten role in helping mothers choose life,” DiCaro said. “Since a broken relationship between mother and father or lack of support from the dad often leads to abortion, we want to highlight that fatherhood starts at conception, too.”

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