Friday, 24 March 2023
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Despite the Slander, We’re Winning When it Comes to Life

Recently, our staff ventured out to an amazing conference to fill our “leadership bucket.” In pro-life work, you give and you give, but soon you can have nothing left to give. My mission was to overflow our bucket, to pour back into our selfless leaders, and to just take some self-care time for us. 

The conference was just what we needed for rest, strength, and to empower us to march on for those we love day in and day out.

Any retreat should come with a BIG warning and that BIG warning should be…soak all this in because when you step back into reality you will be attacked. “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt” is a lie.

While at our conference, I got an email that our friendly (insert sarcastic smile) pro-abortion groups will be on the attack again in the next few weeks by leaving fake reviews on pregnancy clinic social media outlets, protesting in front of pro-life clinics, and even visiting clinics as a fake client

Boy, just writing that again exhausts me.

It seems women in the world would be much better off if these groups would join the rest of us and put some of that energy into actually serving, impacting and empowering women rather than of shaming them for turning to anything other than abortion in an unexpected pregnancy. 

As soon as I walked into our home following the conference, I received an email notification. Then another.  It seems the pro-abortion group is getting an early start. I counted 10 negative reviews that one abortion zealot left on multiple pregnancy clinic social media outlets like Yelp and Google, all because we do not commit or refer for abortions. 

Of course we don’t. Whoever said we did? Complaining that pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics are “fake” because they don’t abort babies is like calling a mental health counselor a “fake” because she doesn’t resort to violence to try and solve your presenting issues. She’s not a “fake hitman” in this case, she’s just an actual counselor.

I really would love to sit down and have an adult conversation with women who devote so much time and energy to opposing our life-saving work. The whole situation just reminds me of high school, with its mean girls and bullies who are too insecure to build themselves up, so they resort to tearing down others instead. In the end, the whole game just makes the bully look foolish and petty.

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Words do hurt. Lies do hurt. We will continue to pray for bullies who seek to slander us. The women we serve truly deserve better than that. If you ever found yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, we hope you would walk through our door first. You might learn a thing or two.

There is no name-calling, no “shaming” tactics, no judgment inside of our doors. All we have are hearts full of love, a longing to serve with integrity, a passion to meet each woman with life-changing compassion and true choice. We lay our head down each night knowing we went above and beyond for a client in need—even at the risk of serving a “fake client.”

I leave you with some empowering words that we took away at our conference. We will need it when the bullies come out again.

  • “Make Jesus bigger than what they did to you or said about you. Have courage to move on from where you are!” - Christine Caine
  • “Know that God is bigger than the giant.” -Tim Tebow
  • “The God we serve is big enough to come through for you.” -Tim Tebow
  • “God can handle the giant all He needs is a volunteer.” -Andy Stanley

How can you help in the attacks? Pray, send letters of encouragement to your local pregnancy center, give, volunteer and leave a positive review on Yelp, Facebook and Google. We need to rally in positive, loving ways.

Truth is the anchor in my soul. I rest in knowing that I am loved. I am a child of the King, and He is pleased with me! This is just another bump in the road for those of us who have been captured by our King’s great love and sent out to serve in His name. In the meantime, it is reassuring to remember that when it comes to life, we are winning. 

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Valerie Millsapps

Valerie Millsapps has served as the Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center in Maryville, TN since February 2014, providing emotional, practical, and spiritual support for women that face unintended pregnancies with life-affirming options. Once in that situation herself, she now lives with her husband and two girls in Tennessee. From one negative voice after the other, Valerie shares how we can overcome the voices that want to kill, steal, and destroy our lives by pointing it back to the Voice of Truth, the Holy Spirit, our helper. The devil calls us by our sin, shame, and guilt, but Jesus Christ calls us by our name: His beloved daughter or son. Overflowing with the hope we can all have in Jesus, Valerie is the recent author of the book, A Voice that Kills, that will help anyone going through past or present hurts to walk in the redemptive story that is waiting on them.


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