Happy Father's Day! How did we get here?

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The image above depicts a man holding a child in the air, with smiles on both of their faces. We immediately equate this with a father and his child and our hearts are full.

The unfortunate nature of the work and ministry that I have been involved in for the past 25 years has shown me that these moments are fewer than they ought to be. Many innocent children don’t get this type of affection and love from those who have “sired” them.

This Executive Director would like for us to take a deeper look at this. I can honestly say that I really never took note or truly understood the nature of man in the role of pregnancy, abortion, and fatherhood before this.

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My first encounter with a young man was 24 years ago, seeking abortion for his child.

Here was this extremely good-looking young man, pressuring this girl to have an abortion that she did not want. He explained to me that he had already had seven abortions.

We took the young lady to see the ultrasound and once she saw the heartbeat, she chose life.

He, however, was adamant that he wanted an abortion. He and I talked about what it was that he was asking, going as far to the three-year-old child he already had. I asked how he would protect that three-year-old if someone was to harm him.

He went immediately into father and protector role. I asked him, “Why was this child different?” 

He acknowledged that it shouldn’t be and chose life.

Bahamas GodParent Center


My friends, how did we get here?

King Solomon, the wisest man to have lived, penned these words in Ecclesiastes 1:9: “there is nothing new under the sun.”

And of course he is right, we have seen these types of happenings throughout the Bible.

I would like us to stop and take a view from our season of life. Societal norms and God’s standards are vastly different. Even societal norms are different because we all come from different societies.

A famous Christian rapper shared that growing up, he thought manhood was having many women and going to jail; because this was the example before him ... until he met Christ!

Another young man looked at educational success with church attendance and a “good reputation” (mind you what he was doing in the dark was different than what people thought) as though this was manhood.

Sowing wild oats before marriage, and possibly keeping illicit affairs after marriage was manhood. Giving more to his career and being a provider, but being absent at home, even when there, was manhood.

Being morally good but not having any need for God and his Word was manhood.

Bahamas GodParent Center

I remember presenting at a Christian school.

When we broke into smaller groups, in the Bible class, I asked how many of them were Christians. The majority said they were.

Then I asked them their plans for after high school, focusing especially on the males.

One young man talked about going to college and being able to make a lot of money in his selected career. I asked him if this was in line with his God-given purpose.

He looked at me confused. I pointed out to him in scripture that God had a plan for each of us before the foundation of the earth and that we were made and designed for His honor and glory. I challenged him in his belief system and his worldview.

He said that he had to take a better look at this.

His teacher said afterwards that he felt ashamed because he never thought to challenge his students this way. He changed the way he was teaching.

Proverbs 14:12, tells us that, “There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

My friends, I would venture to say that we who name the name of Christ, must begin to teach the right way to our boys and young men.

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We use the scripture, in Romans 10:14, “how will they know without a preacher, how will they call on him, how will they believe?” for missions.

How about we use this at home and begin teaching our boys and young men what it is to be a man apart from the societal norms?

How about we offer them hope in a fallen world?

How about we be about the work that God has called us to at home?

How about we begin to change societal norms by teaching the truth of God’s Word in season and out of season?

Last but never least, we give thanks to those men who have taken up the mantle and have followed the way of the Bible, many of whom I know personally.

Thank you for your example, of what a Godly man looks like. Thank you for not just following the societal norms, but looking deeper and giving more than you are capable of by yourself. Thank you for leading with love and humility.

Thank you! And happy Father’s Day!

Editor’s note: Rhonda Darville is the founder and Executive Director of Bahamas GodParent Center on Nassau, Bahamas. This article was sent to the Center’s supporters and is reprinted with permission.

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