Thunder at the Gates: Time to Take Down Big Abortion

Thunder at the Gates: Time to Take Down Big Abortion

When yesterday’s third video from The Center for Medical Progress popped up on my screen yesterday, my mind was in other places. 

My wife’s grandmother was to be laid to rest later in the day, so our family was focused on preparing to take two boys to their “Mamma B’s” funeral and working on several last-minute preparations. On top of that, my mother—who lives with us—broke her hip last week and we are keeping tabs on her rehabilitation and the various concerns that go along with such a difficult situation for her.

Because my mind was wandering as I tried to zero in on “Human Capital, Episode 1,” I was fumbling with the question, “What is the salient point here?”

The obvious comes first. My heart goes out to Holly O’Donnell, who bravely tells her story of her time with the ghoulish StemExpress, a company in the middle of the black market scam. She is now in the crosshairs of Planned Parenthood, which hired SKDKnickerbocker, a high-powered public relations firm led by Democratic operatives, to play hardball.

Already, the firm is attempting to suppress the videos, based on, of all things, patient privacy. As Joe Cunningham points out at Red State, no one receiving services is shown. 

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Cunningham writes, “The dictionary defines ‘patient’ as ‘a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.’ There are no women who have gotten abortions in the videos that have been released so far. The only non-Planned Parenthood people should are . . . the aborted babies?”

O’Donnell is about to have her name dragged through the mud by Planned Parenthood and its PR machine. Nothing in her life will be off limits. Her courage is about to be tested.

Another thought? Planned Parenthood will again try to tell us they are not making a profit, and with their high powered attorneys they can probably make a legal defense. But not a moral one. You can hide the cash and play all of the accounting games in the world, but nothing can hide the fact that Planned Parenthood is triple-dipping the system.

For one, Planned Parenthood collects a fee for an abortion. Then, they get another set of fees based on body parts collected. Fifty dollars here, $100 there, $75 over there—it adds up. But they are not done. Because StemExpress and others are harvesting these children, disposal fees Planned Parenthood would otherwise pay suddenly disappear. Three ways of making money.

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No wonder that in 2013, the head of Planned Parenthood of Northern California (one of its sites is the subject of the video) made a cool $220,669. It’s a nice check for a little non-profit, right? 

Oh by the way, the income for PP of Northern California in 2013? $44,320,380. Expenditures were $40,801,441. That’s a profit of $3.3 million+. Of course, they don’t show a profit; the $3 million was designated under “replenish cash reserve.”

And that “cash reserve?” Well, PP of Northern California notes in its income more than $1.9 million from “other revenues, including investment gain.” No profit, my backside.

But what struck me more than anything? Seeing a child, on a petri dish, broken into pieces. Planned Parenthood tells patients, “It’s only cells; mere tissue.” They say this to women Every. Single. Day. They sell abortion by lying.

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If I’m ever next to a Planned Parenthood official who starts using the word “fetus” or “fetal remains,” it will be a major test for my self-control.

Note to media: Stop using this word, “fetus”. This is a human being in the fetal stage of development, no different than a human being in the newborn stage, the adolescent stage, or any other stage. The only difference is location. Don’t talk to me about “fetuses.” Ever.

Because Planned Parenthood is lying to its patients, it’s time for action. I have a friend who is a plaintiff’s attorney. He sues big companies. While I’m not always a fan of his work, he’s a buddy and I love the phrase he used to have as his computer’s wallpaper: Thunder at the Gates.

The phrase creates for him a picture of his small clients, together at the gates of a big corporation, thundering for justice.

Today, I want one of those attorneys. I want every woman who has ever been told that their babies were blobs, only cells, or just tissue, to go after the profits of these non-profits. This is false advertising, it is the intentional withholding of information in order to sell a product.

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It is wrong. This evidence should be enough for women harmed by abortion to claim they were defrauded by Planned Parenthood. I would love to see good-hearted, justice-loving attorneys zero in on Planned Parenthood. I’m mad. I want Thunder at the Gates.

At pregnancy help organizations (PHOs) all over the world, we’ve been telling the truth all along. Of course, we knew this. But now, the evidence is even clearer than ever. 

Not one thinking person can deny that Planned Parenthood lies to its patients about what they are about to do when she comes in the door.

Nor can one rational human being deny that Planned Parenthood lies about PHCs when they claim we use “fear tactics” by saying children in the womb are human beings.

Again, we knew this. But now more and more are seeing it too.

And with more videos on the way, now is the time for Thunder at the Gates. 

Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. For banquet speaking engagements, contact Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers Bureau. 

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