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Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Password for Success

Did you know that “password” was one of the most commonly used passwords this past year? Right after number one of the list, the stunningly creative number sequence 123456! Others on the top 25 list: qwerty, welcome, 111111, and the very clever, “letmein.”

Everything today seems to require a username and password. The password is, essentially, our gateway to fantastic vital material, wonderful new discounts, helpful banking or medical information, or even our Facebook page. All these phenomenal things just on the other side of a few characters. 

If we remember it. 

And if we remember, it must be done precisely. No fuzziness allowed. “Password” and “password” are not the same (unless capitalization doesn’t count). In essence, get it right… or you don’t get to the good stuff! 

At times, we might be tempted to approach obstacles and/or problems like there is some single password that, when we get it just right, it opens the doors wide to that all important outcome. Yet when those “problems” are “ministry” or “relational” challenges, the likelihood is that there is no one password or precise methodology that can guarantee success. 

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One password we might “try” is “education” or “information.” The theory being that a good, life-affirming decision, or quality relational growth only lacks a key insight, more knowledge, or a bigger perspective. Yes, with some, the new information turns on the light bulb and the outcome is secured. But for others, more information merely clouds the picture and fails to clarify the path forward. 

Another password we might think will work is “technology.” After all, technology is often presented as the pathway to success. Unfortunately, while we find technology is a helpful tool, it still is not THE password to all things. 

The Gospel reveals a similar dynamic. It is the Good News of God’s grace and mercy in action. Learning more can help some, but many remain skeptical. We can deploy technology to increase our effectiveness to reach others, but the same technology also can be easily ignored or deleted. The Gospel is so important, yet God entrusted it to the best chance for success. 


God the Father could have utilized a myriad of angels, make rocks cry out, or started all over. However, He called out a people to Himself for the “good works prepared in advance.” Surprisingly, God’s password for success is, actually, “people.” 

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It’s a true statement, that the best alternative to abortion is another person. This echoes the wisdom of the Scriptures: how can they hear, unless someone preaches? 

When we respond to the call of the Holy Spirit, we become His agents for success. Even when the outcome is something different than hoped, the success is actually faithfulness itself. Mother Theresa famously said, “God does not require that we be successful, only that we be faithful.” In being faithful, we are already being successful! 

And thankfully, He does not just call the equipped, but is faithful to equip the called. 

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Our goal—what becomes our “password to success”—is being faithful to respond. While we want positive outcomes for others, their call is also the same password—being faithful to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit. That can be education, or delivered through technology, but ultimately it’s a flesh and blood decision. 

One thing that keeps many from experiencing the blessings of God, the joys of motherhood, the power of relationship, is sin. Sin is not conquered through education, but overcome with the help of the Spirit of God. Sin is not undone by technology, but overwhelmed by Christ’s mercy and grace. 

Our password to success starts with understanding true success. Only then can God have the strongest platform for fulfilling His goals in and through us. 

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