The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter (Adobe Stock image.)

What I’m writing today is nothing you haven’t read before. It’s not “the newest take” on the pregnancy help community, on abortion or on the battles we face from day to day.

So, nothing new, but here goes: Our ministry is about reaching hearts.

We didn’t know this already? How many times have we talked about changing hearts, “one at a time?” 

Right here I want to write, “Nothing to see here. Move along, people.”

Oh, but there is something big to see. Because once we grasp the foundation of all we do; once we go directly to the core of who we are and what this is all about, we find powerful… and dare I say, life-changing solutions.

At its core, the choice to end a pregnancy is about the heart. And here, it is easy to say, “Aha! The sinful hearts of men and women. Selfishness! This is what abortion is all about!”

No. Come close for a moment.

Abortion is about a heart which says, in one form or another, “There is no path of hope for me.”

So, the young girl must end her pregnancy because, “I can’t be a mother,” or, “I’m not strong enough to choose adoption.”

The victim of sexual assault says, “There is no way God can be found in this situation. So, I must end it. Right now.”

The one being coerced into abortion says, “In my heart, I can’t trust God to be bigger than the person forcing me to do this.”

It is the Christian who says, “I have sinned so badly, it is better to cover this up than it is to face my heart being crushed by humiliation.”

To the man telling his girlfriend that Planned Parenthood is the next stop, he faces a heart of anxiety which tells him, “I can’t be a dad. I can’t support this child. I can’t give up my life of ‘freedom’ because it is all I know.”

We live in a world of broken hearts, wounded hearts, calloused hearts, angry hearts and even fearful hearts. 

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And if we wish to reach these who come to us with damaged hearts, we must first examine ourselves to make sure ours are hopeful hearts, trusting hearts and transparent hearts.

Because before we can effectively serve, we must have hearts of faith; trusting in God to help us see with new eyes each day. Because with my eyes, it is so easy to see the angry heart on the outside. But on the inside—where I cannot see—a heart may be tattered and weary. Anger is the only reaction it knows after so much pain.

Today, is my heart one of faith? Does my heart see a God who can take any situation—any situation—and turn it into triumph? And is my heart so strong in this faith, God can use my heart to convey the hope that lies within me? 

This is the question we must ask each day in 2018 when we walk in the door of our ministry.

It is a heart which sees everything from those annoying staff conflicts to mighty ministry challenges as opportunities to work on my heart; so that when I meet with the broken, they see faith, hope and love.

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When God looks at us, He is less interested in what we believe (even regarding life, if we can grasp this) than He is in our hearts. If our hearts are turned toward Him, everything else falls into place.

As 2018 ramps up, may our hearts grow. May they grow strong, that others may see the hope which lies within us… the same hope which can reside in them as well.

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