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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Pro-Life Filmmaker Seeks Financial Backing for Upcoming Project

(PRESS RELEASE) The Matter of Life is a feature-length documentary in pre-production that will winsomely communicate the pro-life case with logic, science, history and powerful personal stories. It has the potential for wide cultural impact. In order to start filming, the filmmakers need to raise $50,000.

The film’s director, Tracy Martin states: “This is a practical way that pro-lifers can have a cultural impact.” Martin, owner of Mercy Tree Media, has a passion for conveying truth in beautiful and impactful ways.

In the case of this documentary, Martin says “this film will save lives by educating people on what abortion is and does. It will be a tool and resource for those who are on the fence on the issue, and those who don’t know how to explain their pro-life convictions to a secular society.” The film will emphasize the effect that abortion has on women and men. It will offer practical ways that people can make a difference, and help people with unplanned pregnancies.

All donations to the making of the film are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible. Pro-lifers can watch the trailer and learn more by visiting

Mother’s Day will mark the end of a Matching Challenge, in which donations will be doubled.

Tweet This: @TheMatterofLife documentary to "help make #abortion unthinkable." #prolife

In addition to film festivals, The Matter of Life will have special event screenings in theaters across the country. Ticket proceeds will go toward pro-life crisis pregnancy centers local to the host theaters. Also available will be online rental, DVD purchase, Video on Demand platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, and potentially Netflix.

Martin believes that “documentaries change things. They inform and influence people. This is a great opportunity for pro-lifers to help make abortion unthinkable.”

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