Pregnancy Help News Article Referenced at

Pregnancy Help News Article Referenced at

Writing Thursday at, Ruth Institute founder and president Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., referenced a news report at, pointing to the pregnancy help community’s news agency as the source of record before a monthly readership of 25 million.

In her column, “Pro-Choice Puritans,” Morse defends the life-saving work of pregnancy help organizations against the allegations and legislative attacks of the abortion lobby, which she argues has turned its abortive ideology into an “Orthodoxy” that “can’t allow heresies… to go unchallenged.”

Morse, a widely respected leader in the family movement, established the Ruth Institute in 2008 as a mission toward “Inspiring the survivors of the sexual revolution,” is a regular speaker at pro-family events across the world.

Morse referenced a July 28 report from Pregnancy Help News, “Two of California’s Most Dangerous Cities Targeting Pro-Life Centers.” The article reports the Golden State’s ongoing legislative attack on community funded pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics through disclaimer requirements the organizations say endanger deeply held religious beliefs protected by the First Amendment.

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Morse says the attacks are evidence of Big Abortion’s Puritanical commitment to its own industry:  

California seems to be full of Pro-Choice Puritans. The legislature passed a bill regulating what pro-life pregnancy care centers can say, and how loudly they have to say it. Pregnancy care centers in California are required to announce that abortion is available elsewhere. The state regulates where this signage must be, and how large the type face must be…

Let’s be clear: pro-life pregnancy centers are in business to provide alternatives to abortion. They do not want to refer people for abortions. The Big Abortion Industry insists on enlisting their competitors in promoting their business, because their business is not simply providing abortions.

The Big Abortion business is creating the Fantasy Ideology of the Sexual Revolution. They want to convince people that everyone has the right to act as if sex were a sterile activity with no moral or social consequences. Since this is patently untrue, the Pro-Choice Puritans must suppress those who dissent from their Orthodoxy.

Currently the second-most visited political website on the Internet—behind only The Huffington Post— has a higher readership than powerhouse sites including the Drudge Report, NewsMax and Politico, according to the August 2016 report from The eBusiness Guide.

Launched by Heartbeat International in January 2015, Pregnancy Help News has also appeared as a primary source in reports by WORLD Magazine, The Christian Post and others, while The Federalist, The Christian Post, Live Action News, Life News, Life Site News and National Right to Life News have all reposted material from the site.

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