Monday, 12 April 2021

Pregnancy Center Director: "I've had a great life. But two of my children didn't."

Echoing a sentiment shared by many within the pro-life movement, including many within the pregnancy help community, Paul Marshall, an executive director of a five-location organization in New York, shares the regret he has experienced over his part in two abortions in an online video promoting his local 40 Days for Life chapter.

"I lost two children to abortion when I was in high school," Marshall says in the video. "That was 40 years ago. To this day, I regret the decisions that we made, the circumstances that led up to it. I have nightmares about the decision that we made, and I still mourn for the loss of those two kids."

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"I can't help but think of how many other guys out there have walked in my shoes and suffered from years of depression and heartache because of the decisions they made when they were teenagers."

In the video, Marshall explains why he is part of a 40 Days for Life group that is on the verge of starting its second year of praying outside of an abortion clinic in Utica, New York. Marshall's plea for pro-life men in particular to join their local 40 Days for Life groups sounds similar notes to other men and women who have expressed regret over their abortion decisions through national platforms such as The Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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Marshall's passion to reach men and women experiencing a similar situation he had as a teenager with life-affirming help rather than abortion led him to his current position executive director at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central New York in the fall of 2012, after having joined the organization's staff in 2005 after a prior stint on its board of directors. 

In operation since 1989, the organization reaches 2,000 clients per year in five locations. Care Net Pregnancy Center offers free ultrasound and STI testing, as well as abstinence education seminars in public schools and churches, and cares for post-abortive men and women with ongoing support groups.

"I would encourage every man who's pro-life to find a 40 Days for Life event and get out there and pray," Marshall says. "We've got to do more than say, 'Abortion is wrong.' We have to put a face behind the voice. And that face is you and me, getting out there year after year, and praying for an end to this horrific tragedy."

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