Most Americans are against unlimited abortion: Poll

Most Americans are against unlimited abortion: Poll (Ngakan eka/Pexels)

The far left continues to pour energy into convincing the public that abortion without limits is something most people want. Such efforts, however, are lost on the American public.

A recent poll from AP-NORC (The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research) further cements what previous data has already revealed: Most Americans think there should be at least some limits on abortion. In fact, a whopping 73% of those polled feel this way. 

While there was a minority who favored abortion for any reason, they skewed (unsurprisingly) as Democrats (at 80%) versus less than 30% of Republicans. 

Nearly half of Americans (45%) believe abortion shouldn’t be allowed 15 weeks into pregnancy. While the pollsters didn’t mention it, this is also when unborn children can experience pain. Going further into pregnancy, 68% of those polled don’t want abortion to happen 24 weeks into pregnancy. 

Another piece of data: 58% of those polled disapprove of Joe Biden’s abortion policy. However, no questions were asked about what (if any) protections for unborn children Congress should pass. 

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Despite these statistics, the Associated Press did their best to bend the narrative toward a pro-abortion position. But the one thing they are unable to cover up is that Americans simply don’t want unborn babies to be (literally) ripped apart or poisoned as pregnancies develop. 

And while the media (like the AP and others) continues to spotlight stories of women supposedly forced to flee from their pro-life state to obtain an abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, only 7% of Americans say this has applied to someone they know.

Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, pointed out the difference between the media’s narrative and reality. 

"Unlike the political rhetoric suggests, an abortion decision is often one of desperation or worse, coercion,” he said. “Even the most ardent abortion supporter should not dismiss the vulnerability wide open abortion access subjects women to. Women deserve better from their politicians, the laws, and practical help in any unintended pregnancy." 

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Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Pro-Life America, wrote an op-ed for The Hill, where she blasted the media for painting over how Americans truly feel and the left’s extreme position on abortion without limits. 

“It’s time to bring honesty and clarity to our national conversation about abortion,” she states in the piece. “If the mainstream media are willing to return to impartial journalistic ethics, we’ll see a very different story. It will be abundantly clear that Americans are reasonable and compassionate and overwhelmingly want pro-life protections for both mother and child.”

But that’s not what Democrats want. 

The horror of what Virginia Democratic Del. Kathy Tran said on video about allowing a baby who is crowning at birth to be killed still disgusts and enrages many, with that being only one example. Here’s an excerpt from an exchange between Tran and Republican delegate Todd Gilbert.

Gilbert: So how late in the third trimester could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would impair the mental health of the woman?

Tran: Or physical health.

Gilbert: Okay. I’m talking about mental health.

Tran: I mean, through the third trimester. The third trimester goes all the way up to 40 weeks.

Gilbert: So, to the end of the third trimester?

Tran: Yes. I don’t think we have a limit in the bill.

Gilbert: So, where it’s obvious that a woman is about to give birth, she has physical signs that she’s about to give birth, would that still be a point at which she could still request an abortion if she was so certified? [pause] She’s dilating.

Tran: Mr. Chairman, you know, that would be a decision that the doctor, the physician, and the woman would make.

Gilbert: I understand that. I’m asking if your bill allows that.

Tran: My bill would allow that, yes.

Again, that’s just one example. Leftists haven’t pulled their foot off the pedal for a moment when it comes to radical abortion laws. From a language perspective, they take a two-pronged approach when it comes to writing abortion laws.

The first variety of law simply allows it for any reason and at any point. These are found in Washington, D.C., Alaska, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont.

The second kind of law is sneakier. Let’s use the federal Women’s Health Protection Act as an example. It includes a viability limit BUT allows for exceptions past viability. Here’s the sneaky part: They don’t define viability or health; they say it should be left up to the abortionist (who is making money from it). 

But most Americans won’t put up with it. And neither should you. 


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