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How Pregnancy Centers are Taking the Next Step

Wherever I go, I have the unique opportunity to see pregnancy help ministries doing one simple act—in many forms—bringing us closer to the day when the last abortion center finally shuts its doors: Taking the Next Step.

In the last eight days, I’ve seen the inside of five centers; each finding—and taking—that Next Step.

For one center, the Next Step means seeking out a new facility, closer to a college campus and the local abortion center. For another, the Next Step is about more effective marketing. 

Yet another is in the process of renovating a new office space, reclaiming it from abandonment and creating a 7,000 square-foot haven of hope for its clients.

Still another is renovating as well, while preparing to take a mobile unit on the road as much as five days a week.

The fifth center is in the process of shifting its methods to better connect with abortion vulnerable and abortion-determined women. Oh yeah, and they're renovating as well.

As one who has—in a somewhat conservative count—visited more than 500 pregnancy help ministries (doing the math on that was interesting!), I see a new energy, a new urgency and a new enthusiasm among our pregnancy help ministries.

A few years ago, my questions on “What’s next?” were more likely to be met with, “Well, we would like to,” followed by concerns over a stagnant economy and the difficulty of finding those who will partner financially.

Not today.

The other day I met with Jim, the pastor/contractor working on the 7,000-square foot facility for the center where he serves on the board of directors. “When people get on board with this project, they are joining God’s work,” he told me. “If they don’t, we don’t need them. We’re going to get this done; nothing is going to stop us from finishing.”

It’s that kind of attitude which changes things. When I wrote The Wall, it was Nehemiah’s “Press On, Never Quit” faith which captured me. Jim, my new friend in California, has the same kind of vision. I love it.

What we need in our work is more of us who are challenging each other to take that Next Step.

Each of us, wherever we are, needs to accurately define the Next Step by discerning God’s will for our unique post. Then, we must press on. If there are mountains, our mission demands we tell those mountains to move; we’ve got work to accomplish. Nehemiah did this. We can, too.

It’s up to us to sit down with those who can join us and share our vision; with enthusiasm and passion. 

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The attacks on pregnancy help in California, Illinois, Hawaii and Connecticut tell me the abortion industry is extremely nervous. Panicked, they are running to state legislatures to save their proverbial bacon. And yet we keep growing (now 2,600 strong in the U.S. alone), taking those Next Steps.

You want to know what I really think? I think we are closer than we can possibly imagine to many, many abortion centers losing enough business to finally shutter their doors. I’m not privy to the bottom line of these “clinics,” but I’ve got a hunch many of them are poring over profit/loss numbers, wondering how long they can stay open.

I’ve got a message for these abortion centers. 

We are staying open. We continue to grow in numbers. We are opening new locations, renovating our current facilities, flooding the Web with our message. Every single day, we are taking the Next Step.

Our day is close. Extremely close. Just a few more steps, and we may find we’ve reached our destination: An America where abortion is no longer what it once was; an America where abortion is virtually unthinkable.

Whatever it is, let’s take that Next Step. We’re almost there.

Kirk Walden

Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. For banquet speaking engagements, contact Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers Bureau. His new Faith Revolution Podcast is online at

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