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Controversial New Documentary, 'Hush' to Release July 1

(PRESS RELEASE) -- After numerous international film festival screenings and awards, including a Premiere at Beverly Hill's; LA Femme International Film Festival (“Films By Women, For Everyone”), “HUSH”, a 'pro-information' feature documentary by Indo-Canadian Director Punam Kumar Gill, and Father-Son Producers Drew Martin and Joses Martin, announces its worldwide release to DVD, Blu-Ray, and online Video-On-Demand July 1, 2016.

Gill takes a deep look at some of the often disputed long term health effects of abortion, including associations with Pre-term Births, increases in mental health problems, and the especially controversial Abortion Breast Cancer link.

“It’s true, the long-term health risks associated with abortion are generally promoted by those who want abortion gone” Gill says, “But equally disturbing are those who fully dismiss that any long-term risks exist which is currently the stance of all the major medical organizations.”

The information that Punam discovers in the process is not just vital to the issues of breast cancer, premature birth, abortion, and the health and education of women world wide, but also becomes critical to her own life. HUSH is sure to ignite an updated dialogue about feminism, reproduction, and the progress of women in general.

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The unlikely production team of “pro-choice” Director, Gill, “pro-life” Executive Producer, Drew Martin, and “neutral” Producer, Joses Martin makes the film stand out from any on this topic.

“It was not always easy working together,” confesses Joses, “but our differences strengthened this project immensely. We had to forgo our personal opinions of whether abortion is right or wrong, good or bad. We united for the greater good: to ensure that the best possible care is being given to women. In the end it's a call for scientific and political honesty, no matter where you stand on the issue.” 

Due to the political nature of the documentary the independent Canadian production company Mighty Motion Pictures is distributing the film themselves.

“Nobody wants to touch this thing with a ten foot pole, it's too volatile, too political.” says Martin, “But that was to be expected. It's the same thing we experienced during production – we were denied interviews by every major health organization, and many of the researchers who actually did studies around these subjects were scared of speaking up. But individuals want to see HUSH and the information in the film is relevant to every woman, not just around abortion, but for women's health as a whole.”

The DVD, Blu-Ray and rights for screenings can be purchased online at now. (Save 10 percent when you enter the discount code: Heartbeat16

For more information on the film and press interviews, please contact Drew Martin at Mighty Distributors Incorporated - 1-780-710-5017 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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