Sunday, 01 October 2023
Abortion enthusiasts are running an "Expose Fake Clinics" campaign through July 26, targeting U.S. pregnancy centers. Abortion enthusiasts are running an "Expose Fake Clinics" campaign through July 26, targeting U.S. pregnancy centers. Screenshot from

We're on the Pro-Abortion Hit List. Let's Rise Above it Together

Email after email started to come in this week, each headline making me cringe.

“You’re a target.”

“Pro Aborts Activist targeting Pregnancy Centers.”

“Fake client campaign.”

These campaigns—or should I really say "attacks"—are really disheartening and can leave you a tad bit discouraged, fearful, and afraid.

Then, you stumble across a webpage and find your pregnancy center along with all your neighboring centers on this “hit” list.

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I can only imagine what time and energy this took to create such a detailed site to spread hate among those who do not agree with helping serve women and men throughout the United States. Hate because we do not perform abortions. Hate in the form of leaving terrible, fake reviews on various review sites like Google, Yahoo, Yelp and the Yellow Pages.

Reflecting back on this week as I sit cuddled on the couch in the Word, I am reminded of what the Lord is doing at my center.

We had a new ultrasound machine installed to be used in our mobile medical unit—which is about to hit the road.

We had a group of 16 deaf young men serving in our Center for a work day.

We had scared new parents of a precious week-old baby boy who didn't have any formula arrive right when we were closed. Our nurses and volunteers stayed late and helped these nervous first-time parents. Our team encouraged this couple, reminded them they were doing an amazing job, and then loaded them up with supplies to help in their time of need.

We had a room full of hungry parents-to-be, new parents, single moms and dads, and grandparents taking advantage of our Step Class mentorship program.

All of this at no cost to the client. All of this from no money from the federal, state or local government. All of this from friends in our community who desire to make a positive change in our community and throughout our great nation!

A community where, one day, every life will be sacred, valued and welcomed.

My thoughts go back to an amazing book by my friend and mentor, Kirk Walden. The book, entitled, The Wall, is focused on the biblical leader, Nehemiah.

What a great word to focus on when the attacks come. What a great word to cling to when the opposition of enemies and spiritual warfare are inevitable when people are doing the work of God. Satan’s purpose is to destroy God’s people and God’s work.

Nehemiah combated these tactics with continual prayer, single-mindedness, wisdom, and righteous living.

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Great leaders change the world. Great leaders do whatever it takes to protect the people (all people, in and out of the womb). Great leaders are proactive, not reactive.

We are moving forward. We are winning. In spite of opposition, God gives His leaders success and thwarts the plan of a relentless enemy! 

We cannot change negative people; they've always been that way. Everyone is good for something, if only to serve as a bad example. As leaders, we care deeply about those people, but WILL never get the “wall” built if we spend our time trying to keep negative people happy.

Leadership is based on cooperation, not domination or intimidation. Let’s keep focusing on the good work together!

Valerie Millsapps

Valerie Millsapps has served as the Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center in Maryville, TN since February 2014, providing emotional, practical, and spiritual support for women that face unintended pregnancies with life-affirming options. Once in that situation herself, she now lives with her husband and two girls in Tennessee. From one negative voice after the other, Valerie shares how we can overcome the voices that want to kill, steal, and destroy our lives by pointing it back to the Voice of Truth, the Holy Spirit, our helper. The devil calls us by our sin, shame, and guilt, but Jesus Christ calls us by our name: His beloved daughter or son. Overflowing with the hope we can all have in Jesus, Valerie is the recent author of the book, A Voice that Kills, that will help anyone going through past or present hurts to walk in the redemptive story that is waiting on them.


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