Unexpected pregnancy brings hope to many

Unexpected pregnancy brings hope to many (freestocks/Unsplash)

Babies are a part of God’s plan to bring hope and joy into the world. The story of the birth of John the Baptist to Elizabeth and Zechariah is intertwined with the Christmas story. Elizabeth’s pregnancy gives us a window into life before birth. Her reaction to an unexpected pregnancy was the opposite of our current worldly reaction.

She reacted with faith and understood that “The Lord has done this for me” (Luke 1:25). Yes, she was married, but being quite old, her pregnancy was in the high-risk category. There would be too many doctors today who’d recommend an abortion.

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She reacted with joy. She said that through it God had “shown his favor and taken away my disgrace…” (Luke 1:25). She saw pregnancy as something that removed her humiliation instead of creating humiliation and embarrassment, as too many people see it today.

God showed her and her husband that their future son was part of His plan. This unborn baby would be involved in bringing hope and salvation to the whole world.

What will the babies rescued from abortion grow up to do in our time? What hope and joy will they bring to the world?

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What help will their mothers and fathers need to raise them? So many of you in pregnancy help ministry are doing just that – rescuing babies and their parents from the heartache of abortion and continuing to help after the baby is born. You can speak words of blessing, making predictions of hope and good things to come when talking about an unborn child to an unsure mother or father.

The angel Gabriel told Zechariah and Elizabeth that their baby would “be a joy and a delight to you” (Luke 1:14). A distraught woman with an unplanned pregnancy should know that this is a possibility for her as well.

The world does the opposite of what God does at the news of an unexpected pregnancy. 

The world predicts misery; God predicts joy. The world predicts poverty; God predicts mercy. The world predicts lost dreams; God knows that a child can bring to life bigger dreams than anyone can imagine.

Just because a baby changes a life and changes plans, does not mean the plans will change for the worse – they can change for the better. Unplanned for us is well-planned for God.

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