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Scotland: Half of abortions at home, figures highest in a decade Jimmy Conover/Unsplash

Scotland: Half of abortions at home, figures highest in a decade

13,583 pregnancies were terminated in Scotland (UK) in the year 2019 - 297 more than in 2018, official figures released in August showed

(Evangelical FocusIt is the second highest number of abortions ever, only below the figures of 2008.

“Half of all terminations were to women in their twenties in 2019”, the report issued by Scotland Public Health said.

Almost half of abortions in 2019 in Scotland were performed at home (49.3%), a very significant jump from the year before, when there were less than a third (29.9%).

Tweet This: Almost half of Scotland's abortions in 2019 occurred at home (49.3%), a very significant jump from 2018, which was less than a third (29.9%)

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The government explains that this kind of pregnancy terminations “involve self-administration of misoprostol in the home setting. This is the second stage of treatment for early medical terminations; the first drug (mifepristone) has been taken at the clinic”.

Number of at home abortions in Scotland/ISD Scotland via Evangelical Focus

Over a third (34%) were repeat abortions, a figure that has grown from 3.5 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, to 4.4 per 1,000.

2019 also saw the highest number of abortions among women aged 40 or older: 581.

Abortion became legal in the United Kingdom in 1967 and in 2016 the issue was devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Pro-life groups have expressed their concern that the numbers of terminations may increase even more in 2020 as new policies that ease abortion were implemented in the months of Covid-19 confinement.

Editor's note: This article was published by Evangelical Focus and is reprinted with permission. Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and Pregnancy Help News.

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