Pro-life Minnesota won’t stop marching

Pro-life Minnesota won’t stop marchingThe 2023 Minnesota March for Life (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life )

“We’re not overwhelmed, and we’re not quitting!” This expresses the determination of Minnesota’s pro-life advocates according to Cathy Blaeser, co-executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). Blaeser spoke at a recent “Save the 12,000” gathering in Hastings, Minn. 

Protections denied by Minnesota legislature and governor

Minnesota has become one of the least protective places in the world for pre-born babies because of legislation which narrowly passed in the Democrat-controlled house and senate, and signed into law by Democrat Governor Tim Walz on January 31, 2023. In Minnesota, abortion is now legal through all nine months of pregnancy, even after the baby would be viable outside the womb. On top of that, babies born alive during an abortion can now legally be neglected and left to die without any attempt to save them. “Comfort care” is the only intervention allowed. In this case “comfort care” means leaving the babies to go through suffering from thirst, hunger, separation from their mothers, and finally death. 

Positive alternative funding denied

Through state tax dollars the Positive Alternatives Act supported care and practical help for pregnant women and their unborn children throughout the state. But it was also repealed May 24, 2023. Instead, the legislature and governor increased tax dollars to pay for abortions. Blaeser pointed out that the pro-life stance is to “show compassion for both the baby and mother.” 

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Informed consent for women denied

Safeguards for mothers have also decreased. The Woman’s Right to Know Act, which required that a woman seeking an abortion be given information about the procedure, and be ensured of informed consent, had been in effect since 2003. This law was also repealed in May. 

Positive pro-life action

What are MCCL and pro-life Minnesotans doing in response to abortion extremism in the state? Paul Stark, MCCL’s Communications Director, said in a recent phone interview, “Pro-life people across Minnesota are very energized. They’re eager to restore protection for unborn children and their mothers.”

He noted that because of the “terrible” 2023 changes in abortion law “we’ve seen a lot of engagement. Our summer Life Leadership Camps [for youth] were full of energy.” He also mentioned Save the 12,000 meetings that take place across the state to “update, encourage, and motivate pro-lifers to get engaged and build a pro-life culture in Minnesota.” The name of the meetings comes from state health department statistics that mark the number of abortion deaths of pre-born babies in 2022 at 12,175.

New and memorable addition to Minnesota March for Life 

MCCL has sponsored the March for Life since 1974. This year the march will take place at the Minnesota Capitol in Saint Paul on Monday, January 22, at noon. 

The march will be different this year. In commemoration of all the lives lost to abortion in Minnesota in 2022 (2023 statistics are not yet available), marchers will have an opportunity at the event to pick up a life-sized fetal model and place it on the capitol steps. There will be 12,175 of them. Stark commented, “This will draw visual attention in a powerful way to the reality of all the lives lost in just one year.”

Tweet This: The 12,175 fetal models placed on the Minn. capitol steps will draw powerful visual attention to the lives lost in just one year to abortion

A new year with new hope

Stark also hopes the march will be a “springboard that will launch us, and get us off to a really good start for the new year.” MCCL hopes it will draw the public’s attention and motivate pro-lifers to contact their lawmakers, participate in other pro-life events, financially support local pregnancy resource centers (many have lost state funding) and pray. 

Stark recommended attending the march, saying, “We hope people come in person. But [for those who are far away] we will have live streaming of the march.” 

Blaeser also said, “We’ve got to get the word out about what happened [in the legislature]. Our message is, ‘No more!’ We need to get that message out loud and clear. And we’ll start with the March for Life.”

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