Pro-life doctors banned from attending national medical conference

Pro-life doctors banned from attending national medical conference (Dr. Christina Francis/Twitter)

(LifeNews) The American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs (AAPLOG) got kicked out of a major medical conference this week because its doctors oppose killing unborn babies in abortions, an association leader said Monday.

Dr. Christina Francis, an Indiana OB-GYN and incoming CEO of the medical association, said AAPLOG has had an exhibit at the annual CREOG OB/GYN medical education conference for the past 15 years.

However, when she arrived in Maryland for this year’s conference, Francis said she learned that their exhibit had been banned at the last minute.

“Despite multiple requests for an explanation as to why, the only explanation we’ve received is a vague explanation that we disagree with ACOG, presumably on the issue of abortion,” she said in a video outside the conference, posted on Twitter.

A project of the American College of OB-GYNs (ACOG), which is pro-abortion, the conference is for doctors who are educating the next generation of OB-GYNs. This year, it is being held in National Harbor, Maryland.

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Francis said she believes ACOG banned their pro-life exhibit because their doctors tell patients the truth about how abortions harm women and kill babies.

She criticized the organization for suppressing scholarly debate, especially at an event focused on training new OB-GYNs.

“This is especially dangerous for medical students and residents as it normalizes intentional feticide as part of women’s health care, which we know that it is not,” she said. “… ACOG obviously is afraid for students and residents and for their medical educators to be exposed to any other position on abortion than their radical position on abortion.”

Tweet This: ACOG is afraid for students/residents/medical educators to be exposed to any position on abortion than their radical position on abortion

Francis challenged ACOG CEO Dr. Maureen G. Phipps to a scholarly debate on abortion, something other pro-life leaders also welcomed.

“I hope @acog is open to Dr. Francis’ invitation to a scholarly debate. Discussion is good,” responded Andrea Trudden, vice president of communications and marketing for Heartbeat International, on Twitter.

Trudden and others noted how the last-minute cancellation is just the latest example of the on-going effort to silence pro-life advocates.

“Watch how the science and debate is being silenced yet again by our authoritarian medical establishment!” Fox & Friends co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy wrote on Twitter, linking to Francis’s vide

Prudence Robertson, host of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, also commented on the “infuriating” attempt to silence doctors who “believe the FACTS that prove the humanity of babies in the womb. Really despicable. Because AAPLOG docs are on a mission to treat BOTH of their patients, mom & baby, they are ousted from their own medical community.”

Although ACOG continues to be quoted as a reputable, unbiased source in many media outlets, the association has grown increasingly pro-abortion in recent years. Last year, Francis told Fox News that ACOG clearly has a pro-abortion “political agenda.” For example, the group suddenly developed an “aversion to the word ‘heartbeat’” after Texas passed its heartbeat law in 2021.

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