Pregnancy help partnership to make powerful impact in communities

Pregnancy help partnership to make powerful impact in communitiesHeather Lawless of the Reliance Center with diapers delivered from the diaper drive (Reliance Center)

A pro-life partnership is blessing the pregnancy help movement with material assistance that will aid in serving the needs of women and families in individual communities. 

Live Action and EveryLife diapers started a campaign to provide a group of pregnancy centers with diapers to fill their shelves. The campaign took off and Live Action reached out to Heartbeat International to assist in connecting with more pregnancy centers to allow for more diaper donations to centers. 

“EveryLife and Live Action had originally come together for a campaign to bless 100 mothers in California with diapers,” said Andrea Trudden Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Heartbeat International. “The response was so great that they reached out to Heartbeat International as the world’s largest pregnancy help network to connect with a variety of pregnancy help organizations around the nation. We were able to secure enough locations to bring the diaper drive coast to coast!”

Heartbeat International is the largest network of pregnancy help in the U.S. and the world.

The diaper drive went through the end of January and the diapers began arriving at pregnancy help centers across the U.S. in the first half of February.

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“Last month, we asked our community to bless 100 mothers facing crisis pregnancy situations with diapers through our first-ever Live Action + EveryLife Diaper Drive,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action. “You completely blew us away.”

“I’m so proud to say that we were able to provide over 1,700 boxes of diapers to mothers nationwide who have embraced LIFE and rejected abortion,” Rose said.

Live Action shared some responses from pregnancy help centers once diapers began arriving.

"Thank you, Live Action team, for the gift of these diapers!! We will be distributing them to our 5 clinics in the Bay Area!! God bless you and the Live Action team!! Our patients will entrust blessed in their time of need!" - RealOptions, California

“We are so grateful for this partnership! When moms and dads receive these diapers, it’s a tangible reminder that they can do this and there’s a whole community of people that believe in them! Thanks for showing up and loving well!" - Bella Vita Network, Ohio

“We are so thankful for the campaign that Every Life Diapers and Live Action created to generously donate 100 cases of diapers to pro-life organizations all over the country, including Reliance Center. Your support is vital in aiding single mothers and families, emphasizing the value of being pro-LOVE while being pro-life by providing practical support. This act of love and support reflects the belief that every life is precious, and your generosity will undoubtedly impact lives in a meaningful and profound way. Thank you for standing with us in support of life and love.” - Reliance Ministries, Idaho

Unlike many name-brand diaper companies that support abortion, EveryLife is a pro-life diaper company, and they use quality materials for their diapers. By gifting a box of EveryLife diapers, supporters bless a mother and baby in need with a product that truly cares for their well-being.

“It is sad and surprising that the major diaper companies support abortion, literally funding them,” continued Trudden. “EveryLife sees the true value within each woman and the life she holds inside her. We are so grateful that an organization is putting values over profits and supporting pregnancy help in such a practical and meaningful way.”

“We've rallied our network of care across the country, ensuring that pregnancy help organizations nationwide are stocked with diapers for families in need,” Trudden said. 

“Practical support like this can make a profound difference,” said Trudden. “A single box of diapers can be the deciding factor for a mother choosing life for her precious child.”

“This campaign has increased from blessing 100 mothers to more than 1500 with diapers, so they do not feel bound by financial constraints in a moment of need,” Trudden said. “Pregnancy help organizations provide material aid for women and families every day as a service, and we are honored that EveryLife would choose to bless these communities through Heartbeat’s pregnancy centers.”

In addition, on one side of the boxes, it proclaims, “Premium diapers for every Miraculous Life,” and the other side says, “Changing Diapers Changing Lives Jeremiah 1:5.” 

“This is what the pregnancy help movement is about,” Trudden said, “collaborating to make powerful impacts in communities, serve families, and ultimately, shift the culture to embrace life.”

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