Pregnancy help goes on in Malta as abortion lobby preys upon Europe’s only nation with legal protection for the unborn

Pregnancy help goes on in Malta as abortion lobby preys upon Europe’s only nation with legal protection for the unborn (Joe Ambrogio/Pexels)

Every great historical moment includes a conflict where the underdog overcomes great odds and comes out victorious. We see this often in sports — the Cinderella story. 

We are currently witnessing an underdog in a mighty fight for life, and her name is Malta. 

Malta is a small island country south of Italy. There, life is embraced. Abortion is illegal. The government supports the pro-life cause. 

And Big Abortion has invested millions to try and change the culture there in the past couple of years.

Malta is currently the only country in Europe where abortion is illegal. Outside forces are using manipulating tactics — some illegal — to push the abortion agenda online and on television in spite of the island nation having no desire to change its laws

A LifeLine Malta presentation at the recent
 2022 European Pregnancy Help Leaders Summit/Andrea Trudden

In the middle of this cultural battle is a maternity home that helps equip and empower women to be mothers and get jobs so they can support their children. 

At this maternity home, Dar Tghannieqa ta’Omm, women are able to live while pregnant and learn life skills that help support their futures. From finishing school and earning career skills, to learning how to cook and care for their babies, the home helps women break cycles of poverty while showing them the life and compassion they deserve. 

All the while, abortion pill manufacturers are investing in advertising to young women in Malta. 

They push an abortion agenda that tells these women they cannot be moms and have careers. They push a self-centered agenda that can hurt women while growing their profit margin. 

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These abortion distributors do not care about women’s health. If they did, they would advise women that they need to have an ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy is not ectopic — which is life-threatening to the mother. The ultrasound would also show the age of the baby inside, because if a baby is older than 10 weeks, the pill may not work as expected — again putting the mother's life at risk. 

Abortion advocates are quick to belittle Malta and target their life-affirming efforts, claiming they use “dark money” from the United States and other unsubstantiated claims. 

Activists pen pro-abortion propaganda and share it with their reproductive rights network so that it travels through online news feeds, advancing the lies with little to no accountability. 

Typically, the people producing the articles have no connection with Malta.

The reality is that the abortion lobby is actually the one deceiving women and trying to keep them from knowing all the information about their pregnancy options, including the physical and psychological side effects of abortion. 

In addition, there is a company deceiving women by taking the same website address as a pregnancy center but with a different URL extension (.org versus .eu), and redirecting the searches to life-affirming site to a site promoting, "How to get a safe abortion from Malta," including promoting access to chemical abortion pills. 

This is disingenuous and illegal. 

It is intentionally targeting women who seek pregnancy options and giving them just one — abortion. This is not “choice.” And it is wrong. 

Pro-abortion groups are aggressively advocating for abortion in Malta, utilizing some of the same publicity stunts we have seen in the States, dressing in handmaid costumes and taking abortion pills in front of government buildings. 

All the while, the media is showing abortion activists participating in illegal acts, providing them free pro-abortion publicity to target women in Malta with no consequences for their illegal actions.

The 2022 European Pregnancy Help Leaders Summit/Andrea Trudden

The country of Malta should not be demonized for standing up for its pro-life values. 

The best thing Europe can do is to leave Malta be - allow it to be the pro-life nation that it is. 

Let the people of Malta have the chance to show how effective and beneficial a pro-life country can be for women and families. The only thing to lose is the abortion industry’s profit.

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