Sunday, 25 July 2021

Pregnancy Centers Featured by The Gospel Coalition

Highlighting to good work of pregnancy help all over the world, an article from Heartbeat International aimed at educating ministry-minded Christians appeared at The Gospel Coalition's website (here) Thursday afternoon.

The article, "9 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Help Organizations," touches on a handful of essential information to know about life-affirming pregnancy help, exposing "the best-kept secret in the pro-life movement."

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Topping the list is the statement, "PHOs are committed to true reproductive health care," which delves into the fact that pregnancy help organizations offer a woman all the information she needs to protect her child during an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, since PHOs view pregnancy and sexuality, "not like an illness that needs to be cured, but as a gift to be understood and celebrated."

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Posted at a website that gained 44.5 million page views from 12.5 million unique users in 2014, the article also mentions several of the services PHOs offer, including ultrasound, pregnancy and STI testing, parenting classes, community referrals, and parenting classes.

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