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New mom describes baby as “The greatest gift I didn’t know I needed”

In May 2018, Amanda Clark received a surprising, but encouraging email from Ashley—a close friend from high school. 

“This is random but felt like you would enjoy hearing,” wrote Ashley. She continued to describe how she had visited Richland Pregnancy Services after an unexpected pregnancy. “I am now so beyond thankful that I did. We are so excited to meet our baby girl in the next few weeks!”

At the time of the email, Clark was serving as the executive director for Abigail Pregnancy Services, a center with similar services. “I just wanted to tell you that what you are doing is making such a positive impact! I'm sure many feel the same way I do about services you provide at Abigail! God bless!” Ashley wrote.

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When Ashley found out she was pregnant in Fall 2017, she didn’t know what to do. “I was devastated. I didn't want any more kids and knew that another baby would change all my plans.” 

Ashley had recently been accepted into nursing school and was looking forward to achieving her dream and earning more money for her family, which already included three children. On top of that, her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

“So, I went there [Richland Pregnancy Services] just to kind of talk with somebody and look for some guidance” said Ashley. As an advocate listened to her story, Ashley realized she wanted to keep her baby.

One simple conversation changed her life. “When I sat down with that lady the first time and had that conversation, she prayed for me,” said Ashley. “She told me that God was going to bless me, and I have seen it firsthand many, many ways. So, I am just beyond thrilled to have my daughter now and my family.”

After dropping out of nursing school for a time, Ashley was able to continue and graduates this coming May. While completing her community nursing requirement, she served at Richland Pregnancy Services. During that time, God led Clark to transition from her role at Abigail Pregnancy Services over to Richland Pregnancy Services as their executive director, allowing her to work closely with Ashley.

“Ashley has helped RPS by helping our Nurse Manager while fulfilling her community nursing requirements, allowing us to share her testimony at our banquet in front of more than 500 individuals, and she also shared her testimony on her social media account,” said Clark. “I know it was very brave of her, and she had to come outside her comfort zone, but she stated that if it would help Richland Pregnancy Services then it was worth it.”

Today, one-year-old Ember delights her family with her fun-loving, zest for life. “Ember is a spitfire. She’s amazing. Full of energy,” relates her mother Ashley.

“When I think of my family, RPS has definitely helped grow my family because I don’t know if I would have made the decision that I made if it wasn’t for them. So, I probably wouldn’t have my youngest that is now a year old if it wasn’t for them.”

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Her older brother Tra’von laughs about how Ember walks like a penguin. “She makes it crazier, but I still love her. And without Ember, I don’t know what I would do,” he says.

Ashley describes Ember as the “greatest gift that I didn’t know I needed.” 

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