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Chemical abortion and attacks on pregnancy help through weaponized government dominated the headlines in 2023. Pregnancy Help News remains committed to bringing you the best in news, commentary, and feature articles concerning the high calling of pregnancy help.

We bring you below highlights from each month of the year read by you, our readers. We are blessed by you and we are grateful for you.  

May God bless us all as 2023 comes to a close and 2024 dawns.

Merry Christmas, and a blessed new Year to you from all of us at Pregnancy Help News.

January 2023 

"Drugstore abortion pill sales cut out pregnancy help, put women at increased risk"


February 2023

"Abortion pill kills 19-year old Canadian"


March 2023

"‘Major victory for the pro-life world:’ Court upholds pregnancy center’s First Amendment rights"


April 2023

"Breaking: Judge pulls approval of abortion pill in landmark case"


May 2023

"While NY stockpiles abortion pills, pro-life group prepares to counter with ultrasound vans"


June 2023

"“I spent four years of my life defending this country – But I couldn’t prevent the death of my child.”"

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July 2023

"Sound of Freedom – powerful film brings awareness to the horror of human trafficking"


August 2023

"Breaking: FDA must restore vital safeguards for chemical abortion drugs, 5th Circuit rules"


September 2023

"Do chemical abortions cause increased trauma?"


October 2023

"Wake up Ohio—some clarity on radical proposed abortion amendment"


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November 2023

"Sixteen attorneys general attempt to censure pregnancy centers with abortion industry canards"


December 2023

"Biden’s HHS seeks to deprive pregnancy centers of federal funds"

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