Friday, 24 March 2023
“Egregious” Satanic Temple pushes abortion pills as religious, mocks SCOTUS justice Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

“Egregious” Satanic Temple pushes abortion pills as religious, mocks SCOTUS justice

The Satanic Temple was set to have the grand opening of its online abortion clinic in Albuquerque, N.M., Feb. 14. Passed off as the first ever religious abortion clinic, the satanic group aims to provide chemical abortion pills in conjunction with a satanic ritual under the guise of religious freedom.

The Satanic Temple (TST) is offering to provide “medication for safe abortions through the mail for members and for those who wish to perform TST's Abortion Ritual.”

The satanic abortion ritual is being labeled religious to capitalize on freedom of religion, presumably to circumvent abortion restrictions. Abortion is legal in New Mexico up until birth, with the exception of the cities of Clovis and Hobbs, both of which passed laws banning abortion after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

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Under the moniker “TST Health” the group says it will provide “free religious telehealth medication abortion care in New Mexico.”

Plans are to provide “telehealth abortion services” in New Mexico, as well as abortion information and resources outside of New Mexico, and to help individuals travel to New Mexico for abortions.

Tweet This: The Satanic Temple is planning to provide “free religious telehealth medication abortion care in New Mexico.”

A graphic mocking Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
 via his mother from merchandise available on the Satanic Temple website

The Satanic group is naming its abortion facility "The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic" to mock U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion in the Dobbs case overturning Roe v. Wade

The Satanic Temple is still fundraising to not only underwrite the online abortion clinic.

The facility will provide 24/7 virtual appointments to anyone in New Mexico so it can then send them chemical abortion pills. The goal is to expand their abortion network and send chemical abortion pills to anyone who wants them outside of New Mexico as well. 

They will give abortions and Satanic Ritual rights over each abortion for free, but customers must still pay the $90 for the cost of the abortion pills, according to the website.

This political activist group claims to deny the actual existence of Satan but still claims identity with Satanic imagery, according to Catholic News Agency. They sell merchandise that says, “All hail Satan,” and books on how to teach Satan worship to kids and infiltrate schools. Their previous political activism includes protesting the Ten Commandments statue in Oklahoma and retaliating against after-school bible groups with “after-school Satan clubs.”

One local pro-life advocate remarked on the exploitation of freedom of religion to promote abortion. 

Local Right To Life Executive Director Ethel Maharg, has spoken out, telling KOB 4 news:

“They’re trying to make it a religious right so that they can use, I guess, the First Amendment right to practice, but that’s different, freedom of speech and religion. It’s just an egregious thing.” 

According to the group’s website, you can dedicate the murder of your child to Satan, and the Satanist will give you your abortion under the guise of “human autonomy, First Amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” 

This fake “fight for human rights and bodily autonomy” is a line as old as time. 

It doesn’t justify abortion, whether cloaked in ritual human sacrifice or not. 

This is evil, originating from the pits of hell itself, and must be stopped at all costs. 

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