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Conceived in Rape: A Life Turned to Beauty and Joy

Babies conceived in rape are no less human and no less valuable than the women who carry them. It is easy for those who have not experienced this horrific ordeal to offer conjecture and opinion about what the fate of the baby should be—which is usually abortion. 

Let’s introduce 18-year-old Amy*, a college freshman experiencing a new school, new friends, and the excitement of her entire world ahead of her.

As a pre-law student, she is nervous but excited to pursue her dreams. During Christmas break, Amy’s life would change forever.

Amy was maliciously attacked and raped by two men. 

She was never able to identify them. She will never be able to press charges or pursue justice for herself. She didn’t know their faces, their names, or any possible mutual friends. 

Amy told her family about how she was raped and ultimately decided to go back to school to continue pursuing her dreams. Soon after getting back into the rhythm of classes, professors and academic schedules, Amy discovered she was pregnant. 

Amy did not deserve this. 

No one deserves rape. 

She did not “ask” for it, “didn’t dress a certain way,” didn’t give any kind of consent.

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Amy felt abandoned to deal with the trauma of rape, and now the shock of finding out a baby was growing inside her. She was terrified to tell anyone about the pregnancy. So much so, that she told no one about the baby.

For Amy, abortion was never a possibility. She didn’t want to be a mom. She didn’t ask for any of this to happen to her.

And yet, she knew the baby wasn’t at fault for what was done to her.

Amy made an incredible decision that both she and the baby inside her could be happy with and flourish. She knew there was another choice other than parenting and abortion which meant she didn't have to alter her heart’s desire for a career. Amy could still pursue her dreams, her pre-law studies, and her ambitions of a career after college. She continued going to classes, stayed at college and bore this insurmountable burden alone.

When Amy hit the seventh-month mark, she gathered enough courage to tell her family.

Thankfully, they supported her. They heard her and helped her make her first pre-natal appointment at seven months pregnant.

September 25, 1991

Amy gave birth to a stunning seven-pound baby girl, and she named her Jennifer.

On October 29, 1991, baby Jennifer was placed in the arms of her forever family and given her forever name, Sara.

“That miracle baby who was conceived from a heart of hate but born from a heart of grace-given love was me. I am alive today because a college freshman chose life over death. Amy chose to give me the gift of life, even when the world told her abortion was an acceptable option  a good option, her only option.”

Amy didn’t have to give up her dreams, and she found a way to keep her life goals priority, while also giving a chance to that baby by adoption. Amy chose to parent through adoption which is a beautiful picture. Her adoptive parents, Keith and Linda Bible. Linda was a volunteer at Women’s Hope Medical Clinic in Auburn, Alabama.

“Abortion is not the only option for victims of rape. Babies conceived in rape are no less a baby at conception than those conceived between a loving husband and a loving wife," Sara continues. "Rape is a horrible act of violence and dominance, but one act does not have to be reciprocated with another act of violence. Evil does not have to be repaid with evil. Mothers who conceive in rape did not ask for the child they have been given, but they have options far beyond abortion.”

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Sara is an administrative assistant at her local hospital now and is still involved in her local pregnancy crisis center.

The fascinating aspect of this action taken in hate was turned into action taken in love for women who were experiencing the fear and anxiety of unplanned pregnancies.

The sobering point to consider is, it all could’ve ended in 1991.

Choices made in love

Sara could’ve been aborted. Keith and Linda could’ve left the adoption agency empty-handed. No one would’ve told Amy she had other options. And truly, no one would really blame her, would they?

But the choices Amy, Keith and Linda made in love did not perpetuate the cycle of evil for evil, from rape to abortion. Rather, her story is a story of beauty, grace, and hope.

“I am alive today because even amongst the fears, anger, and questions my birth mother did not allow the world’s voice to influence her. She knew my life had value. She believed in the sanctity of my life," Sara said. "Even with a conception from rape, my life held no less worth than any other life. I am standing here today because my life was valued by someone who had every “right” to place her own personal comfort and pleasure over me.”

Photo courtesy of Sara Bible

Why does Sara share her story, fight for the unborn? She does not offer conjecture, opinion or religious fanaticism. She comes to the table with her literal life story. In a Facebook live video in which she shared her entire story from beginning to end in the comfort of her own home, Sara concluded with these words: “I will always fight for the unborn because someone chose to fight for me.”

Tweet This: “I will always fight for the unborn because someone chose to fight for me.” - Sara Bible, #prolife champion conceived in rape.

Sara is now using her story to educate the public and encourage rape victims to choose life. 

"Conception plays no role in the value of that baby’s life. Rape and incest do not devalue or lessen the baby. Victims, I see you, I encourage you, and I call you to courage! You can choose life!”

Sara is living proof that there is hope after rape. There are options other than abortion. Regardless of origin, all life matters.

"I am-and always will be- Pro-Life because she was Pro-My Life," Sara said.

*Names were changed to protect the privacy for those involved in this story.


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