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40 Days for Life campaign saves babies through APR 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life campaign saves babies through APR

The popular and efficacious 40-Days for Life pro-life campaign has begun to have a hand or other involvement in saving babies via abortion pill reversal.

The beautiful and prayerful 40 Days for Life campaign keeps expanding, with more towns and cities joining in every spring and fall.

Recently, the campaign added a focus on chemical abortion and abortion pill reversal (APR), the abortion pill reversal protocol, to address the alarming increase of abortion pill use.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, APR signs and brochures were available for 40 Days for Life local leaders to order.

People praying in front of abortion facilities hold signs saying, “Ask Me About Abortion Pill Reversal.” At various sites around the country, reports have come in that women stopped to inquire. Some were walking or driving past; some were just coming out of the abortion center. 

Of course, there very well could be other great baby saves where we just don’t know the outcome. In a number of situations, sidewalk advocates gave a woman who had taken the first abortion pill the name and number for a nearby doctor who could reverse the chemical abortion process but didn’t hear whether the mom contacted the APR doctor and whether it was successful in saving the baby.

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During this past spring’s 40 Days for Life campaign, a first-time mom in Fayetteville, N.C., went to Planned Parenthood where she took the first of the two abortion pills. She saw a group praying in front of the building, and when she was walking out, she spoke with the prayer warriors and heard about APR for the first time. She was given a bag of information including the phone number for the nearest pregnancy center. 

This young woman decided she wanted to save her baby, and thanks to hearing from the 40 Days people that there was a way to possibly save her child, she called the pregnancy center the next morning. The woman took an Uber to the office where she learned the baby still had a strong heartbeat. However, none of the local doctors who knew the APR protocol were available.

Felisha Mims, local 40 Days for Life leader, continues the story:  

“The pregnancy center contacted my husband and I to see if we could help get her to a doctor’s office in Raleigh, 2 hours away. We dropped everything and went to pick the mom up. When we got her to the doctor’s appointment, she invited me to go in with her and I was able to hear the baby’s girl’s heartbeat and see her on the ultrasound!” 

Felisha and her husband took the woman to the pharmacy for the prescription, and then out to dinner. 

“She just entered her second trimester and is doing great,” Felisha said earlier this past spring. “She is due in September, and we have stayed really close.” 

40 Days for Life Fayetteville, NC, campaign/40 Days for Life

Felisha continued:

“Without her own transportation, 40 Days for Life volunteers have been taking her to her doctor appointments. Our community has stepped up to surround her with love and convinced her to make a baby registry. She’s been sending me "thank you" messages because items are already arriving."

The Fayetteville 40 Days for Life group prays regularly in front of Parenthood, giving out the new APR pamphlets the national 40 Days for Life campaign now offers on its website. They hand out dozens weekly.

“We don’t always see the fruit of those bags,” continued Felisha. “But the babies we do know have been saved from them make the efforts of our selfless volunteers worth every minute they spend on the sidewalk.”

Felisha shared the following:

“This past Thursday we received a call from a contact who was in contact with a young lady who had gone to Planned Parenthood that Tuesday and took the abortion pill. She had no intention of keeping the baby, however the baby’s potential father was completely against her ending the pregnancy. Her mother reached out to our contact, who reached out to us, and we connected her with the APR phone number. However, this young lady did not have access to a computer and became discouraged when she was asked to complete paperwork and return it to them. When our contact called to update me on the situation, the young girl felt defeated and was going to go through with taking the second pill. We asked her to hold off while we searched for help. I reached out to our local pregnancy center, and they were able to confirm that she still had time to save her baby! We have an LPN in our church who works for an OB/GYN office locally. I called her and she gave me permission to give it to this young lady for an emergency telehealth appointment.”

Within 20 minutes, this young mom had her telehealth appointment, and the prescription was being sent to her local pharmacy to save her baby. 

“The enemy tried everything in his toolbox to end this precious life,” Felisha added. “BUT GOD stepped in and now a young girl who was discouraged and losing hope now has hope for not only her future, but the future of her baby.”

40 Days for Life Yuba City, Calif./40 Days for Life

The 2022 Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign also brought about an APR baby save In Yuba City, Calif., with a baby boy born in fall of 2022.

In another case a young woman was in the midst of a multi-day chemical abortion process when she changed her mind. While she was told by a local abortion facility that the procedure was too far along to stop, a local pregnancy center was able to help her save her baby after sidewalk counselors brought her in for an abortion pill reversal.

The reversal was a success, the mom gave birth to her daughter, whom she brought to the 40 Days for Life rally in Escondido, Calif.

40 Days for Life

“Karla brought the baby to the [event], allowed us to hold her, and thanked everyone for their prayers and for the help they bring out to the sidewalks,” a local campaign leader said at the event

"Pill-induced abortions now account for a majority of all abortions in the United State," points out 40 Days for Life Campaign Director Steve Karlen. "Thousands of women who have taken the first abortion pill and regretted it have saved their babies through abortion pill reversal. Nobody is better positioned to empower a woman to reverse her chemical abortion than 40 Days for Life vigil participants. That’s why we learned of numerous babies saved through these grace-filled encounters at 40 Days for Life vigils this year."

40 Days for Life

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40 Days for Life vigils saw numerous babies saved this year via abortion pill reversal.

These joyous stories also highlight the importance of 40 Days for Life prayer warriors helping to educate the public on the APR procedure and working with the nearest pregnancy center to assist them.

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Patty Knap

Patty Knap is a certified pregnancy counselor, faith formation teacher, ABA therapist for autism, and freelance writer from Long Island.  


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