Profound impact of pregnancy help to be shared on Capitol Hill

A group of mothers and their babies will be on Capitol Hill this coming week to share the great news of pregnancy help.

Members of Congress and their staff will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with these women who chose life at their local pregnancy center, hearing firsthand how the love and support they received there changed their lives. Heartbeat International is once again heading to Washington, D.C. with a group of moms from throughout the U.S. and the pregnancy help organizations that assisted them for Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress. This powerful and poignant pro-life event on Capitol Hill brings the voices of mothers and their children directly to the hearts of the nation's federal lawmakers.

Heartbeat is the largest network of pregnancy help organizations in the U.S. and globally. Through its Babies Go to Congress initiative Heartbeat has been able to take more than 180 moms and babies to D.C. to nearly 400 Congressional office visits since its first trip in 2009.

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One by one these moms will share their stories of how their local pregnancy help organization helped them through a challenging time in their life. Some with a pregnancy test, some with housing, some with ultrasound, and some with mentorship programs. Each story is different, but highlights the fact that once each woman entered the pregnancy help center, they were given compassionate support, and continued the relationship with the organization.

Anahi, one of the moms, discovered she was pregnant at age 19 while juggling two jobs and college. Having suffered abuse in her past, Anahi sought stability for herself and her son. A glimmer of hope emerged when a friend introduced Anahi to Thrive maternity home. There she found sanctuary and a stable environment for her son Elias, and she was able to reclaim her education. Thrive played a crucial role in breaking the toxic cycle for her and her son, providing hope for a better future.

Kendra was a freshman in college when she discovered she was pregnant. She grappled with the decision of abortion due to a past assault. While initially abortion-minded, she eventually decided to keep her baby. Though Kendra had struggled with fear and shame, the unwavering support she received at the pregnancy help center allowed her to navigate the challenges and embrace motherhood when her daughter Ella was born. Kendra was overwhelmed with love and joy upon holding Ella for the first time, and she has pursued her education as well as a career.


Elizabeth found herself unexpectedly pregnant in her thirties after a brief reunion with her ex-partner. Elizabeth felt unsupported and unsure. Seeking guidance, she turned to Planned Parenthood but found little solace there. Feeling pressured into taking the abortion pill, she regretted her decision immediately. Frantically searching for hope, she discovered abortion pill reversal (APR) and reached out for help. With the support of Care Net of Paradise and the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, Elizabeth embarked on the journey of reversing the chemical abortion. Elizabeth gave birth to Evelyn in January 2024, and she and her partner Ben have embraced parenthood.

Kayla found the vital support she needed to navigate her journey as a mother at the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center. She found reassurance through the caring staff who provided invaluable information and support, allowing Kayla to make informed choices about her pregnancy. Despite the challenges of her son’s premature birth, Kayla remained resilient, supported by the center's prayers and encouragement. Through it all, the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center stood as a pillar of support. Kayla's gratitude for the center's services only deepened as Maverick grew and thrived.

These moms and their babies, as living proof that pregnancy help organizations make a profound difference, will share their stories in Congressional offices, conveying that pregnancy help organizations are good for America.

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Stay tuned to Pregnancy Help News as we provide more coverage of Babies Go to Congress and the women who have been supported in their times of need by pregnancy help organizations.

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