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Our daily news site,, attracts over 10, 000 unique users every week—predominantly from within the pregnancy help community, and we communicate with our expansive affiliate network through six segmented email lists. These lists target Executive Directors, Nurse Managers, Medical Directors, Board Members, Volunteers, Client Services Directors and more. Advertising space is available for each of these publications, with prices as low as $50 per publication.


Email  to  inquire about purchasing  ad space either at PregnancyHelpNews.comor in the Heartbeat International e-publications.

General Consideration

Pregnancy Help News is a product of Heartbeat International. Pregnancy Help News ad policies are in place to help users feel welcome and comfortable on our sites. Advertisers are wholly responsible for making sure ad targeting, including 1st and 3rd party data, is legal and complies with all applicable local and regional regulations and the policy.

All advertisers must abide by the  Heartbeat Principles. Pregnancy Help News/Heartbeat International  reserves the right to accept or deny, at its sole discretion, ad space to organizations that it deems inconsistent with or contrary to Heartbeat’s Principles:

  • Advertisers propose and offer, through education and creative services, positive choices for the woman challenged by pregnancy.

  • Advertisers shall not discriminate in their services on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, or marital status.

  • Advertisers' services are personal, confidential, and non-judgmental.

  • Advertisers shall not advise, provide, or refer for abortion or abortifacients.

  • Advertisers encourage chastity as a positive lifestyle choice.

Creative Quality

  • Advertisements must clearly display the name, brand or product being advertised on the creative to avoid the appearance of a Pregnancy Help News offering and/or to ensure the user is clear. 

  • Advertising must deliver a relevant, positive and expected experience for consumers seeking products, services and content. Ads must be relevant to the product or service being offered on the landing page; offers depicted in an ad must be visible/available on the click-through landing page of the ad.

  • “Attention grabbing" mechanisms and/or animation with the sole purpose of distracting the user via repetitive, rapid flashing or blinking tactics or that has the potential to significantly distract users from editorial content or user experience is not acceptable. Loud, clashing or disruptive color combinations are not acceptable.

  • Display ads should have a 1-pixel black border, or solid background color, to help distinguish them from page content.

  • All offers presented must be consistent with the offers presented on the corresponding landing pages. All offers presented must correlate to the images being presented as part of the same advertisement.

  • Products or services and landing pages that use techniques deemed to be low quality by Pregnancy Help News/Heartbeat International, are not acceptable.

Image Quality

  • Poor resolution, grainy looking images are not acceptable.

  • Undecipherable or unidentifiable images are not acceptable.

  • No interfering background or fuzzy logos; clean text required.

Ad Text Guidelines

  • Ads must use proper, grammatically correct capitalization.

  • Acronyms may be capitalized.

  • Grammar, sentence structure and spelling

  • Spelling and grammar in the ad title and ad text must be correct, unless the incorrect grammar is part of the corporate or product branding.

  • Ads cannot include excessive repetition (such as "free, free, free").


Pregnancy Help News ( Website

Pregnancy Help News provides updates on current events, happenings, and milestones within the pregnancy help community. Pregnancy Help News is also your place to find information on new trends, legislative and legal attacks upon our work, and commentary on the progress of the pregnancy help community.

Website Ad Positioning

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1 Month

Top Banner Ad (780 x 90)



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  • We currently offer advertisement creation services, priced individually.

  • Advertisement dimensions in pixels (width x height)

  • All ads appear on the front page as well as on all sections and news story pages. 


eNews Publication Pricing (900 x 348)

Email Ad Placement

Total Weekly Review 
Sent weekly to opt-in members of This email includes highlights from the previous week at


Take Heart (monthly) 
Monthly publication sent to 9,000+ inboxes in the pregnancy help community. Features devotionals and links to resources


Pulse (monthly)
Sent monthly to over 11,000 inboxes of Heartbeat International Affiliates, including pregnancy help centers, medical clinics, adoption agencies, and maternity homes. Includes news and milestones.


Advancement Trends (monthly)
Sent monthly to over 3,000 pregnancy help fundraising professionals. 


Capitol Matters & On the LeaderBoard (monthly) 
Subscription to On the LeaderBoard and Capitol Matters, two of Heartbeat International' s top-read publications, is complimentary to Heartbeat affiliates and a paid subscription for non-affiliates.


Medical Matters (monthly)
This monthly magazine is directly created for the ever-growing number of medical professionals within the pregnancy help movement, which make up the highest readership rate of any audience.


Heart and  Home (monthly)
Tailored to reach life-affirming maternity housing ministries, represented by the National Maternity Housing Coalition, this monthly eNews Publication addresses topics related to housing ministry.