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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

About Us provides updates on current events, happenings, and milestones within the pregnancy help community. is also your place to find information on new trends, legislative and legal attacks upon our work, and commentary on the progress of the pregnancy help community. also includes a discussion section, where leaders, donors, and others within the community can log in and dialogue on current issues and best practices.

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#Ohio #prolife center working to build upon 37 years of life-saving care. @PDHC_Cares via…
Feb 19
RT @DirkWeishaar1: 10 numbers you should know about #prolife pregnancy centers. @HeartbeatIntl @InspireLifeNow @NIFLA
Feb 19
RT @dilonna: 100 into its appalling existence, more women than ever are rejecting @PPAct, #abortion. #prolife via @…


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