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The secret we can’t keep to ourselves Sai De Silva/Unsplash

The secret we can’t keep to ourselves

For all of us who serve in the pregnancy help community, whether this season of our lives lasts for a year, two years, 30 years or longer, there’s a truth we can’t escape. If we think about it, we all know it. 

By the way, it’s a secret. Don’t let it slip. Because if it gets out, there’s no telling how many will want to join us. We don’t want to be overrun with new donors, volunteers and staff members.

Because if everyone knew what we know, it could cause problems. Too many people. Too many wanting to be . . . us.

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There is good news, however. The early disciples and apostles faced the same truth. They had to deal with it, and they found a way through. They even—dare I say it—embraced this truth.

So, what’s the secret? And why do we want to keep others from knowing?

Not bragging, but . . .

Yes, those early followers faced the same truth we do. This doesn’t make us special or, to use the name of a life-impacting video series, this doesn’t make us “The Chosen.” Well, maybe we are. This isn’t bragging is it?

As we look at those first Christians, did you ever stop to think of why Paul was so darned joyful when he was in jail? Or why James could tell us to take joy in various trials? What was wrong with those two and so many others who advanced the faith in its early days?

Here’s the thing. Those early followers understood that, no matter what they faced, they were involved in an enterprise which was in the middle of God’s will. What could be more powerful than knowing—each day—they were accomplishing the very will of God?

The early followers understood that bringing people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ built a kingdom which would never end. And they knew it was just what God wanted.

Three undeniable truths

So, how does our work compare to theirs? Three thoughts to consider . . .

First, we love and serve the hurting and the wounded. We serve the unsure and the afraid. We even serve those who might view us as enemies. This is just what Jesus asked us to do when He talked about loving our neighbor. We do this every day.

Second, we understand every life is created by God and He desires that each one of His created miracles be given every opportunity to live a full life in the way He designed. Every. Single. One. When it comes to God’s will then, we’re two for two.

Third, we believe faith matters to God. In different ways, we connect those we see to the faith we carry. We do this because just like those early followers, we want every person to find the joy of knowing God and His love for each person. That’s three for three in the “Is this God’s will” category.

This means each day—just like Paul and James and so many others—we know our mission pleases God and He celebrates our work. We know this. It’s not up for debate, not a philosophical question for those bearded professors at the local university. It’s just fact. 

Tweet This: Each day we know our pregnancy help mission pleases God and He celebrates our work. We know this. It’s not up for debate - it’s just fact.

Yes, sometimes we wonder whether we are worthy of such a calling. We make mistakes. We struggle with the same frustrations as so many others.

But it is an incredible feeling to know that when we enter our workplace each day, God is watching, nudging Jesus at His right hand and saying, “At least they are trying. We’re with ‘em.”

We never have to fret over whether we are seeking God’s will. We are. Every day.

The ramifications

Because of this, it is humbling to know we have something so many in this world desire--the confidence of knowing God delights in our work. 

This is why we need to keep this a secret. Can you imagine how many would want to be a part of this bunch we call the pregnancy help community if the truth got out? If more people understood they could live each day with such incredible purpose, they would be storming our doors wanting to be involved.

We might be overrun with volunteers, job applicants and donors—all wanting to play any role they could. Whew. I can’t imagine the problems this could create, just trying to keep up and find a place for each person.

Or perhaps . . . if we shared with others that our work is an incredible opportunity to be in the middle of God’s plan, this could ignite our own teams and even bring in others to share the joy. Our centers, clinics and maternity homes might grow exponentially. We wouldn’t know what to do with all the new funding. I hadn’t thought of this.

On second thought then, maybe we shouldn’t keep this to ourselves. Why not brag a little and tell people we have the amazing joy of being in the middle of God’s mighty plan each day? If they want to join us, we’ll find a way to deal with the people problems and the financial windfall. And hey, the more the merrier, right?

Kirk Walden

Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. For banquet speaking engagements, contact Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers Bureau. His new Faith Revolution Podcast is online at