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Soaring Above the Rhetoric to Serve Women and Babies

I read Facebook posts. In addition, I have Facebook friends on both sides of the political aisle. Therefore, high blood pressure is a way of life for me. 

Some time ago, I sent a friendship request to a schoolmate from childhood. Once I sent the request however (“Please Lord, don’t let me be turned down! My self-esteem is on the line here!”), I noticed he and I have very different views of the world. (“Please Lord, don’t let him see my friend request—I can’t take seeing these posts every day!”)

He confirmed my request and I was soon practicing deep breathing to maintain a sense of balance while perusing his comments on various issues.

There is good news in this however, because reading Facebook allows me to get a grasp on what people are thinking—even those with whom I disagree. Some posts are reactionary. Some reflect false narratives. But over time, reading the posts of a “Facebook Friend” gives me insight into this person’s character, social leanings, priorities, and faith.

Twitter is the same way, but in much shorter clips. For many, it’s a home for snark and vitriol. I don’t post much, but enjoy reading from a wide range of people, from liberal pundits to pastors. I even follow Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and others in the abortion movement.

You know what I find from those in the abortion industry? Sadly, a lot of anger. Anyone who disagrees with Planned Parenthood’s position on anything is vilified, shamed, and called names. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is in their crosshairs now. Just the other day, NARAL tweeted that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on CNN that Kavanaugh “made it clear to him that he intends to rollback Roe and criminalize abortion.”

Wow. Really? This is huge news if a Supreme Court nominee promised a Senator he would overturn a major precedent. Why wasn’t this front-page news?

Of course, Graham said nothing of the sort. When asked about Kavanaugh’s possible vote on Roe, Graham actually said, “The bottom line here is that there is a process to overturn a precedent and I think he understands that is a long-held precedent of the court. It will be challenged over time and I hope he will give it a fair hearing and I know he will.”

In real life then, Sen. Graham said he thinks Kavanaugh will be fair. This is a far cry from some sort of backroom deal between Kavanaugh and Graham to overturn Roe.

It’s rhetoric. It’s over the top. Oh, and it is a lie. But while some ate this this up and retweeted NARAL’s false narrative, discerning people won’t buy it. 

This is a perfect example of why we in the pregnancy help community need not worry. We don’t need to create false narratives to make a point, the truth works just fine.

Not only this, but we don’t even need to spend time trying to “demolish” our opponents on social media. It’s not worth the trouble. Because just as football coaches tell players to “do your talking on the field,” we do the same. (Ahhh, Fall. I can now use football analogies for the next several months!)

Every day, we do our talking on the fields of pregnancy help centers and clinics, mobile units, maternity homes and adoption agencies. And when we talk, people are listening. We continue to grow at a powerful pace, regardless of laws, PR campaigns against us, and yes, even tweets and Facebook posts.

As the pregnancy help community, we soar above the rhetoric. When we do, those who need us find hope instead of anger, joy instead of viciousness. Our methods aren’t flashy. We’re not focused on finding our next attack victim or on creating the next viral post.

Tweet This: When we soar above the rhetoric, those who need us find hope instead of anger, joy instead of viciousness. @KirkWalden #prolife

And you know what? Those looking for help want a place where they can breathe, where they can get away from the verbal and social media assaults, so they can take stock of their situation and make a sound decision. That’s us.

Nope, we’re not flashy. And we’re not looking for the next conflict.

But one day, it will be our results which show up on social media. On their first birthdays, they’ll get thousands of “likes.” When they enter kindergarten, we will see their smiling faces. And when they graduate high school, we will see them standing proudly with their diplomas.

So, if NARAL and Planned Parenthood want to blow up social media, they can have at it. Because each day, our results are there for all to see.

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Kirk Walden

Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. For banquet speaking engagements, contact Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers Bureau. His new Faith Revolution Podcast is online at