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ORTL team with pro-life leaders, Senator Lehner, Peggy Hartshorn and Judy Schlueter ORTL team with pro-life leaders, Senator Lehner, Peggy Hartshorn and Judy Schlueter

Ohio Budget to Fund Pregnancy Help Centers

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Today, Ohio Right to Life's initiative for continued funding for life-affirming pregnancy centers was accepted as an amendment to the State Budget for 2016-2017. The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program, a pilot program started in 2013, allocates state money to these statewide centers which provide parenting classes and material assistance to disadvantaged families.

"We are excited to see the state of Ohio prioritize the lives and needs of Ohio's women and children," said Stephanie Ranade Krider, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. "Our Ohio leaders sending a clear message that providing intentional and community-driven support to families in need is a sustainable solution to protecting the lives of both Ohio's women and babies."

Nationally, there are over 3,000 pregnancy centers, outnumbering abortion facilities by a ratio of 6:1. Statewide, there are 142, outnumbering abortion facilities by a ratio of 18:1. 

Today, as part of Students for Life and Ohio Right to Life's Pro-life Student Lobby Day, students from across Ohio shared with legislators why they are pro-life and why they support initiatives like this.

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"After spending my morning surrounded by peers from all over Ohio, I believe that initiatives like this are tangible examples of the pro-woman mentality upon which the pro-life movement was founded," said Veronica Lark, a pro-life student leader from Lourdes University in Sylvania. "Thankfully, the Ohio Budget will now set aside dollars that assist life-affirming pregnancy centers in offering women a healthy place to carry their children to term."

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Ohio Right to Life thanks the Ohio House and its leadership for recognizing the value of continuing this program and the women it serves.

To read Ohio Right to Life's full legislative agenda for the 131st General Assembly, click here.