Friday, 30 October 2020

Gospel Coalition Article Celebrates Charlotte Mobile Unit

Calling mobile ultrasound units "a modern day symbol of hope," author Melissa Kruger pointed to the Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte's mobile medical unit as a striking contrast to Big Abortion's business model in an article published today at The Gospel Coalition.

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Entitled, "The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Planned Parenthood," the article recounts Kruger's growing familiarity with the mobile ministry that saw 1,200 mothers choose life last year alone after seeing an image of their pre-born babies. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte dropped by for a visit with our staff team. We got to hear about their work, join them in prayer, and take a tour of their mobile ultrasound units.

These vans take daily trips to abortion clinics and wait. They approach women and their partners asking if they would like to have a free ultrasound of their baby. They do not yell, condemn, or shame. They offer the simple kindness of a choice. Before making a life-changing medical decision, isn’t it important to take a glimpse at what’s happening inside you? Would you have a broken arm set without seeing the x-ray? Would you have brain surgery without seeing the scan showing the tumor?Planned

Parenthood does not offer this choice. They turn the ultrasound machines away and silence the thump-thump of the heartbeat. They attempt to remove guilt or shame by ignorance, not through an educated choice. There is no excuse for this behavior. If it’s just a clump of tissue, why would there be anything to feel guilty about? No one feels conflicted about removing a wisdom tooth, tumor, or mole.

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With more than 100 mobile ultrasound units on the road, an increasing number of pregnancy help organizations are putting their ultrasound services on the road, either independently or through national groups such as Save the Storks and ICU Mobile.

The Gospel Coalition's website gained 44.5 million page views from 12.5 million unique users in 2014. Last October, the Gospel Coalition posted an article from Heartbeat International, "9 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Centers," and the site has linked to multiple articles from Pregnancy Help News in recent months.

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Jay Hobbs

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