Thursday, 30 June 2022
Spoon River PC's building was destroyed in a Nov. 16 gas explosion. Spoon River PC's building was destroyed in a Nov. 16 gas explosion. Photo Courtesy: Spoon River Pregnancy Center

Gas Line Explodes, Destroying Illinois Pregnancy Center

Just over a month after moving into a new downtown location, the building for Spoon River Pregnancy Center in Canton, Ill., was destroyed Nov. 16 in a gas explosion, killing one man who was part of a work crew called out to repair a ruptured gas line, according to a local news report.

Staff at the pregnancy medical clinic, which had relocated to a 125-year-old opera house Oct. 5 of this year, wrote in a Facebook post they left the building 10 minutes after they smelled gas last Wednesday.

An hour later, and with the building vacated, the explosion sent all four men, including the man who died, Arturo Silva Jr., 38, on an emergency work crew to the hospital after they arrived to fix the damaged gas line.

“We are mega thankful to be safe, but deeply saddened at the loss of our new facility,” Spoon River PC executive director Terri Williams wrote on the organization’s Facebook page. “Even worse is the loss of life to that brave [gas company] worker. Our prayers are with His family.”

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The clinic, which offers free limited ultrasound, free pregnancy tests, peer options counseling, parenting and fatherhood training resources, diapers, cribs, baby clothes and more, is now focusing its efforts on replenishing its material goods and re-envisioning how to serve clients.

In partnership with a local church, Spoon River PC is setting up a makeshift donation space in a POD self-storage unit Tuesday,

“Rebuilding and a fresh start,” Williams wrote. “The Lord has a plan. So thankful for all of the community support we have received. It is encouraging, humbling and overwhelming to be cared for so well.”

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