Sunday, 01 August 2021

Federalist Piece on Planned Parenthood Points to Heartbeat's Life-Saving Network

As the 12 videos released by the Center for Medical Progress since July 14 continue to draw needed attention to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry the corporation represents, the good work of pregnancy help centers all over the world is gaining traction in the process.

In his article, "5 Things We’ve Learned Since The First Planned Parenthood Video," published today at The Federalist, co-founder John-Henry Westen became the latest pro-life voice to point to the pregnancy help community as a vital, life-giving answer to the problem of unexpected pregnancy.

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Westen's endorsement of the pregnancy help community, and Heartbeat International's network in particular, follows that of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, who urged women facing crisis pregnancies to find local help through Heartbeat International's 24/7 contact center, Option Line (, 1-800-712-HELP) at a congressional hearing Sept. 10.

Westen underscored the multifaceted pro-life efforts of the 2,500 pregnancy help centersincluding over 1,000 medical clinicsplus maternity homes and nonprofit adoption agencies:

Planned Parenthood also claims that its existence and government funding are critical to the health of America’s women, a claim parroted by their allies in the media and in Congress. However, the Charlotte Lozier Institute and ADF have shown there are 13,540 community health centers compared to 665 Planned Parenthood clinics.

Not only do these centers—many of which conduct mammograms, and none of which conduct surgical abortions—outnumber Planned Parenthood 20 to 1, but there are also 2,500 explicitly pro-life clinics across America, including 1,250 in the Heartbeat International network. These clinics counsel women to avoid the damaging consequences of abortion, and a Heartbeat spokesperson clarified that there are 413 additional maternity homes, “each serving an average of 7 moms at a time with housing.”

Many of the 2,500 clinics offer free ultrasounds and prenatal care, and more than three-quarters offer courses on job training, healthy relationships, parenting, etc.—and we haven’t even looked at the 250 pro-life adoption agencies around the country.

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Jay Hobbs

Part-time thinker, full-time husband, daddy, pastor, and baseball fan, Jay Hobbs served as editor of from its 2015 inception through the spring of 2018. Jay served on staff at Heartbeat International from 2012 to 2018, the last four of those years as Director of Communications and Marketing. Jay's writing has appeared at Newsweek, The Washington Times, The Washington ExaminerThe Federalist, The Daily Signal, The Christian Post, CNS News and The Gospel Coalition, as well as several national pro-life news outlets.

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