Decking the halls with Planned Parenthoods

Decking the halls with Planned Parenthoods

(Family Research Council) The last thing Planned Parenthood needs is more access to kids. So imagine parents’ reaction when they found out that the abortion group isn’t just visiting schools—it’s moving in! Thanks to a forced donation from taxpayers, Planned Parenthood is about to open 50 clinics inside Los Angeles schools, the biggest public education takeover of its kind. And maybe, the most controversial.

These “wellbeing centers,” as schools are calling them, are all part of a new model Planned Parenthood is hoping to replicate in other cities. And it’s easy to see why. With help from local districts, the abortion lobby doesn’t have to wait for teenagers to come to them. They can go directly to students—without parents ever finding out. For Planned Parenthood, who’s desperately trying to scrounge up new business, this is a dream come true. With the bottom falling out of the abortion market, these clinics can be the in-house pushers of early sex. Then, when the birth control they provide fails (as research shows it does), those same teenagers will magically translate into the next wave of abortion customers.

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It’s genius, really. For Planned Parenthood, it’s a down payment on future business—with the bulk of the actual payment made by a city that doesn’t realize it’s been had. Los Angeles leaders think the $10 million they’re dumping into these centers will help them lower STDs and unexpected pregnancies. What they’re about to find out is that once you subsidize Planned Parenthood’s message of “sex and more of it,” the problems skyrocket. “We want to support their general well-being,” the city’s director of public health insisted.

Tweet This: What they’re about to find out is that once you subsidize Planned Parenthood’s message of “sex and more of it,” the problems skyrocket”

If that were the case, schools wouldn’t be investing in an approach that even Obama’s CDC agreed was a failure. “More than 80 percent of teens in the [comprehensive sex ed] program fared either worse or no better than their peers who were not a part of the program.” They were more likely to begin having sex, more likely to engage in oral sex, and more likely to get pregnant. Teaching children how to engage in “safe sex” has not only failed, it’s had devastating consequences with STDs being at near-pandemic levels.

Encouraging abstinence, on the other hand, had the exact opposite effect. Not only was it the message kids wanted, but it created nothing but positive outcomes for the teens who practiced it. “The virginal students rate significantly and consistently better in nearly all health-related behaviors and measures than their sexually-active peers,” researchers discovered. That goes for everything from bike helmet and seat belt use to smoking, drugs, diet, exercise, and even tanning bed use.

Most kids feel enough pressure to have sex—they don’t want their high schools piling on. In fact, if someone bothered to ask students what they think, they’d find out that the lesson they want the most (according to 57 percent) is “how to say ‘no’ to sex without losing the relationship.” Unfortunately, not enough educators are listening. Instead, they’re putting the most dangerous abortion business in America right down the hallway from homeroom—with state-sponsored advice on everything from gender transitioning to sexual experimentation.

Tweet This: "Most kids feel enough pressure to have sex—they don’t want their high schools piling on”

Kids can even leave a real exam for one of Planned Parenthood’s. “Students will be able to walk into the clinics or make appointments and will be allowed to leave class for them. Information about the appointments will be in protected medical files not accessible to school officials. Under California law, minors can consent to certain medical services, such as receiving birth control or mental health counseling, and health care providers are not allowed to inform a parent without the minor’s permission.” And naturally, as pro-lifers have come to expect from Planned Parenthood, they intentionally targeted these schools because “they are largely low-income.” Easier pickings for the Left’s radical sex and abortion messages.

Hinting at how secretive this whole process has been, Sue Dunlap, president of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, said she expected this to become “a healthy debate” as the news “becomes public.” By then, of course, the plan will be underway. Five of the centers are already up and running. The rest will be added over summer break. Obviously, city leaders knew there’d be backlash and didn’t have the stomach to go up against moms and dads publicly (especially not after the fierce battle over California’s extreme new sex ed).

If there’s one thing that administrators, Planned Parenthood, and every other liberal is afraid of, it’s engaged parents. There’s a reason they’re hosting these hush-hush meetings and passing policies to keep moms and dads in the dark. They understand that the more you know, the harder you’ll fight. And in a world where the other side will do anything to get to our children, we need all the fighters we can get!

Editor's note: This article appeared first on the December 16, 2019, Washington Update from the Family Research Council and is reprinted here with permission. 
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