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When a flash flood struck Kirk's Tennessee neighborhood the other day, he was reminded of how pregnancy centers help women keep their heads above the flood waters. When a flash flood struck Kirk's Tennessee neighborhood the other day, he was reminded of how pregnancy centers help women keep their heads above the flood waters. Photo Courtesy: Kirk Walden

Above the Floods

The other day I was typing away in my home office in Nashville when my phone beeped its warning signal—a weather alert. While it wasn’t yet raining, flash floods were coming to my street address, and soon.

The alert was on target. Within an hour, torrential rains swept into the area with thunder, lightning and probably some guy named Noah saying, “Told ya!”

Looking outside my window, the water overflowed our culvert and into our yard. Out in front of our home, for the first time since moving to this neighborhood I saw the intersection flood as water advanced on the corner from three directions.

A few cars still drove through, taking their chances. All made it, but as the rain continued I was wondering if—and when—I might see the one who wasn’t so lucky. As I stepped out on the front porch to take a few photos, a school bus roared through the waters as children screamed with delight. Again, all were safe—though I’m not sure this was the wisest decision with a bus full of kids.

A few minutes after the bus pulled through, a pickup truck came over the hill and saw the waters. The driver stopped. He sat for a minute or so and because the rain was abating for the moment, I wandered out across the drier portions of my yard to where he was parked. Though the waters were still rising, he was still on the hill—far away from any danger.

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My new friend Randy and I talked for a few minutes, surveying the flood below us. We could see where the water was coming from, where it was headed and whether there was any further reason for concern if his truck stayed where he was. Though the waters were less than 100 feet away, we were safe.

From our spot, we could analyze the entire situation; and Randy had the opportunity to think clearly before making the best decision. After a few minutes of chatting, the rains fell again. I headed back inside. Once I reached the porch I noticed Randy backed up his truck, turned around and found an alternate route to his residence.

A smart choice, in my book. While there was probably a 98% chance he would have made it through the waters without a major issue, why take a risk which would gain so little (just five minutes of time)?

If anyone asks what we do in pregnancy help organizations, our answer might be, “We help women and families reconsider, before they drive into the flood waters.”

Many in the abortion industry love the flood waters. In flood waters there is a strong current, flowing in one direction. But once the flood waters capture us, they carry us to places we never intended; where there is danger and often, disaster.

Our mission is to quietly walk over to the truck before it enters the flood waters. To listen to the situation. To offer a bit of direction. To help our patient or client see the big picture.

Often, the big picture becomes clear once we stop and survey the flood waters. Though it is tempting to “drive right through” and take our chances, the wiser course is to change direction away from the fast solution and consider another route.

The new path may take longer, but this alternate journey leads to safety; to peace. And often, it leads home to the God who created us.

In our ministries, we provide a safe zone; a resting point for those struggling with the most challenging decision of their lives. We should never apologize for offering the opportunity to wait before making a major life choice. 

Sometimes, helping our new friend stop and survey the waters ahead is both life-changing and life-saving.

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Yes, we assist women and families who see the flood waters ahead and face a big decision. As we do, we provide a safe place where all options are considered, and wise choices can be made.

As we do, we may even introduce our friend to the Living Water. And living water refreshes the soul, even when the flood waters are rising.

Kirk Walden

Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. For banquet speaking engagements, contact Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers Bureau. His new Faith Revolution Podcast is online at