Saturday, 28 November 2020

"I'm just naive enough to think that love makes a difference."

With former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett on hand to cut the ribbon, Hazel's House of Hope opened the doors of a new location on the south side of Columbus in late June.

Clarett, whose 2002 season at Ohio State earned him Big Ten Freshman of the Year honors en route to a national championship, joined the celebration of the launch, which will allow Hazel's House to serve four women with housing support.

"Just to have the positive impact on a community like this, where it's needed... it's all in the spirit of helping people in troubling situations," said Clarett, whose life outside of football appears to be on track after having served a prison sentence stemming from an armed robbery plea in 2006. 

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The addition, which is detailed here, brings Hazel's House to four locations in Central Ohio.

"I'm just naive enough to think that love makes a difference," Hazel House founder Cindi Gremling said. "That's what we do, we come in, and we love them until they ask us why."


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